Monday, February 4, 2008

Training for a Hundred Miler?

This past weekend was spent continuing my training for the upcoming Umstead 100 mile endurance run in April.

Saturday morning, my husband, Tristan, our dog, Gilligan and I traveled towards DC for some fresh air and exercise. We started off the morning by hiking around Roosevelt Island. This is a cute but small island right next to DC. After our hike we went to EMS to check out a winter sale. Since Tristan is thinking of climbing Mt Washington (the location of the most severe weather in North America) later this winter or spring and he may be climbing a cascade volcano in the summer he needs to get some extra winter goods. And I need spare gloves, hats, etc. for drop bags at some upcoming marathons and Umstead 100. After a fairly unsucessful shopping spree, Tristan headed to Shenandoah Mountains to hike White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run. I stayed in DC and started running around town.

DC has lots of sights to take in. These include all the monuments, the Awakening sculpture at Haines point and paths along the Potomac River. My best guess based on 4 hours of running is that I ran for 18-20 miles. I started my running at the Georgetown Running company after a brief chat with the manager Ben Cook (a really nice, quit famous mid-distance runner who was amused that I had about 7 layers on at the beginning of my run with the intention of just peeling a few layers...he commented that he run earlier in the day with just a T-shirt...guess it pays to be fast) It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and almost no wind. It was great to see the city and appreciate all the historic buildings I tend to run by quickly during the Marine Corps Marathon. It was a great day particularly since it was the 2nd day of February.

Sunday, Tristan, Gilligan and I continued appreciating the delightful weather by running Maryland Highlands by Harpers Ferry WV. Our goal was to run ~1,500 vertical feet up and down the highlands. Unfortunately on the way down our first ascent, Tristan slipped and fell. This is not good news for a knee injury that has plagued him on and off for the past 2 years. Hopefully it is just a minor issue. On our way home we stopped at Brusters for some ice cream. (Ice cream of course is the all purpose food: celebration, depressing news...).

What I really need is a shirt that indicates "Body by Brusters, Fractured Prune or Ice Cream sandwich at Potbellies" (these are really good places to splurge on treats with excess calories burned through running). Or perhaps one day they will sponsor me.