Sunday, December 20, 2009

My posting hiatus explained

Within 1 week of finishing JFK50 miler I headed to Las Vegas for a family vacation and to run two marathons (Death Valley and Las Vegas) in two days. I was out of town for over 10 days and had great time. But alas in Death Valley there is no cell phone or easily accessible internet. Then when I returned home I had to hit the ground running at work.

But now things are a bit settled down and in fact tomorrow, we have the day off because DC is digging out of a massive snowstorm WAHOO!!! We had 22 inches here in Gaithersburg and our cars and sidewalk is now clear. Thus, I am optimistic I will be able to post about my trip, my marathons and my recent running escapades tomorrow.

Highlights include:
* a 5 miler and 10 miler at the Gaithersburg Turkey Burnoff (I gave in my bib after 5 miles and 48 minutes then had buyers remorse and ran another 5 miles)
* a 4:15 marathon at Death Valley (Where I came in 2nd in my age gender category...and not just because there were 2 people in this group!!!)
* a 6:11 marathon at the Las Vegas Marathon
* about 15 miles at the Virginia Happy Trails Running Clube (VHTRC) Gluteus Maximus Fat Ass 50 km

In this past month I have seen so many friends, family and just have had a great time busily living life. Hopefully I can write more soon. Now it's time to go to bed because I am exhausted from all my recent shoveling.


Carolina John said...

wow, that's a wild trip allright. have a great holiday tammie!

Jamie Donaldson said...

Glad you are back to blogging! I missed your updates! Hope you aren't sore anymore from all that shoveling!