Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Excuses, Excuses...my delinquency in not blogging justified

I am very sorry I have been remiss in not posting for so long. It has been a tough summer.

Life has proven it is like an ultramarathon. Sometimes everything is going great and other times you are puking along the course perhaps even in the fetal position. This has been my life since Tristan’s accident in late June. I have moved forward but it has at times been a struggle. The proverbial second shoe dropped with Gilligan our beloved dog passing away from bloat in mid-August. Gilligan was in perfect health then deteriorated quickly over the course of the evening. In the end his family including Tristan and I and his doggie friend Simba and Simba’s mom Karen were with him. Like I said, it was a rough summer.

I shall try to be better but I can offer no promises. One of the issues of having a sudden and unexpected emergency is that suddenly less important tasks get put to the back burner. Currently my backburner feels like it is larger than many named forest fires! And of course suddenly new tasks crop up. I did not fall into a wormhole that extends the hours per day so I barely muddled through my life and did the best I could to keep a semblance of “normal”.

It took Tristan 10 weeks until his cast was removed and he did not start walking until labor day. And the word “walk” is used very loosely here. Tristan has improved dramatically but the hours, days, and weeks lost this summer are gone. Time is a precious commodity. But so is health(*).

(*)As many know, I was hit by a car (while I was a pedestrian) many years ago (1995). This led to several surgeries each one more invasive and complex than the last. A complete knee replacement was on the list of potential steps in my road to recovery but I was very lucky that my final surgery involving breaking my leg, leveling my leg and attaching wayward ligaments with several screws did the trick. After nearly a year of physical therapy I was definitely not as good as new. But at least I no longer had the oddest gait ever. After about 8 years I finally was able run again. And starting with my second Marine Corps Marathon I have never stopped or looked back. I don’t ever take running for granted. It is something I love to do and know I am lucky am able to do. I hope that my husband has a similar experience in that at least he is able to one day return to the sport he loves. Maybe it will be with some pain (yes, I still have pain) but hopefully it is manageable.

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imtheguz said...

Welcome back - and sorry for your loss! Stay positive and keep moving forward...