Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family: Trying to find my Mom's cat a Home and visiting my Grandma

My mom's cat Pocohontas. She is about 8 years old. Her claim to fame (other than being a hemephradite) is that she walks on a leash fairly well. Currently our household is WAY above capacity in the number of critters (with Billy, Pocohontas, Zaboo, Sagwa, Puffi and Gilligan) present.

It is kind of anarchy in our household with Tristan and I just hoping they do not form an alliance and vote one (or both) of us out of the house. We are optimistic that they realize we bring home the big $$ so they are reliant on us for kibble! Although I guess they could turn on us and start munching on us a la Cujo.

In fact our household now reminds me of the cat lady in the Simpsons (well except we have both cats and dogs)...and we do not grab under our clothing or in our hair and find a random cat to toss.

Here I am with my Grandma (on my right-Pink Plaid shirt) and my mom (on my left-Panda Shirt) during the Tampa Marathon. It was so nice to run a race with both my Mom and Grandma there to cheer me on. This was the first race my Grandma saw me run, but about the 10th or so Marathon my mom watched and cheered me on. I miss my mom.

My grandma is related to me via my dad; although she is my dad's step parent. I do not remember my dad's mom and in fact I think my Grandma married my Grandfather when I was in Kindergarten or perhaps even pre-school.

With a busy work schedule (thanks to the continued presence of H1N1 Influenza) and a pretty busy running schedule I am trying to squeeze all sorts of other life obligations in.

This weekend I am excited to be visiting my Grandma in Florida. I have not seen her since last year, so it will be nice to catch up with her. It is a bummer that Florida will be brutally hot; however, hopefully we will find ways to keep ourselves cool (and perhaps my heat training I did in preparation for VT100 will help:-)

With my sisters help/direction, we have been working on resolving issues with respect to my mom's estate. My mom's trailer is being given to a friend. My sister and I foolishly did not state that with the camper comes a cat, so the biggest challenge that we face now is my mom's cat.

Pocohontas is a very sweet cat, but is diabetic (which means daily shots-which she easily accepts; I just have to remember to give them!). For a while Pocohontas stayed with my sister, but now she is with me (and my sister has stated she will not be taking Pocohontas back). Since my mom adopted Pocohontas, the organization may take her back; however, they plan to simply list her on pet finders. I am not sure this is something I could live with. I sure do want to be able to continue to have visitation with Pocohontas or at least know she is going to a good home and I could communicate with the owners. Thus, I have been approaching all sorts of friends, colleagues and neighbors to find her a suitable home.

Pocohontas walks on a leash pretty well and considering she and my mom lived in an RV together, she really does not need much space. Pocohontas is declawed and has short fur. She is fairly "dog-friendly" in that she just hisses, spits and swats at the dogs making a ruckus, but I sometimes hiss and spit at Billy because he definitely invades everyones space!

You can see her picture at the beginning of this post.


CTmarathoner said...

Tammy -I know that you will find a home for Pocahontas --it's really too bad that we re going to be away or i would take her as a foster cat when you did the self-tran marathon... don't give her back yet to the shelter!!! I will ask around.

Erika said...

Poor kitty! I'd take her (already had one diabetic cat), but I currently have a 15 year old cat who would be very unhappy if we brought someone new in.

Good luck finding her a good home!

MCM Mama

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I am no cat person, sister (though I do lurve the crazy cat lady on Teh Simpsons!), but my heart goes out to your mother's diabetic cat! Good luck finding her a good home! Wouldn't it be great if this blog posting attracted a suitable candidate?

I hope you find someone one way or another.

Dan Rose said...

If Elizabeth wasn't allergic to cats, I'd take her in a second! I'll ask around in my DC cat-friendly circles for you though!

Runner Tammy said...


Maybe if I still have her in Oct, I could drive her up for the LI 6hour:-).

MCM Mama,

Older cats are pretty finicky. In fact my husband and I got married and tried to integrate his 12 year old cat with my 12 year old cat. Lots of battles were fought, but who won the war is still up for debate. Then when both were 15, we brought home a kitten Zaboo (our current 7 year old cat). Luckily our current Cats: Boo, Sagwa and Puffie are pretty agreeable to random dogs and cats in our house.


The cat-lady on the Simpson is classic. I worry that if something happens to Gilligan and Tristan simultaneously I instantly become her with 3 (or now 4) cats!

Hopefully broadening my plea for help will find her a new and good home. (I think she really would like to be an only cat as then she would get spoiled this point she seems to hang out in our basement, I think to avoid Gilligan and definitely to avoid Billy).


Volunteering to be my pacer at VT100 and now potentially helping to place are invaluable!

I think there is a family out there who would be perfect for Pocohontas. With about 3 less cats and one less dog, we might have been, but alas we already have a pretty full house:-)