Thursday, November 12, 2009

PR's and PW's in 2009 and plans for 2010

This year has been filled with ups and downs in running .

So far in 2009 I have succeeded in PR-ing in every distance I have run from 5 kms in April (White Oak Classic) to my 100 miler in April (Umstead 100) as well as the 50 miler in Feb. (Rocky Racoon), marathon in May (Frederick Marathon), 50 km in October and now half marathon in November.

Sadly this year has also included my worst performances for many distances as well with a 14 hour marathon in July, 29 hour 40 minute 100 miler in July, 42 minute 5 km in August, 10 hour 50 km in September and of course my recent DNF at Javelina Jundred 100 miler as well as several other memorable dismal performances.

I am optimistic that I can use my successes and failures to my advantage in future events by learning and maximizing what I did to succeed as well as minimizing what I did in my failures. I definitely know I need to rest and taper before endurance events (well at least 100 milers) which I have already implemented for Umstead 100 (which I was going to run immediately following the national marathon). And of course if I want to do well, I need to recognize I am better suited for a humid environment.

I am getting close to having my 2010 race calendar filled up; however, I do have some gaps. I want to challenge myself in 2010, but I also want to make sure I have fun. I plan to repeat several of my favorite events but also want to see new places, experience new races and do new events. I am still debating trying a half ironman or international triathlon (there is one right near my dad’s house…the only problem is he has no air conditioning as discussed in my self transcendence marathon race report!). I also would love to run an ultra or two out west.

My mother-in-law lives near Marin Headlands so I am trying to get up the courage to consider a race in that area. The only thing is that I fear earthquakes more than I fear rattlesnakes, scorpions, gila monsters, puma’s and bears combined. And for some reason San Francisco in my mind at least is a hotbed of tectonic action.

Tristan and I may head out to the Pacific Northwest in August so he can climb, I can run a marathon and we can spend some time in the cascades hiking. The crater lake marathon would work for this although it has a stringent time limit of 6 hours and is at altitude.

In the winter I will be doing essentially the same races as in 2009. In 2009 these events helped me with a PR (by over an hour!) at Rocky Raccoon 50 miler and subsequently another 1 hour PR at Umstead 100 miler. I figure if it isn't broke, don't fix it! Also it does help that in the MD/DC/VA area, there are 5 marathons from Feb-Mar. These marathons are some of my favorites and I have the luxury of sleeping in my own bed with my critters and spouse (well assuming he is not on some mountaineering expedition).

After Umstead I have many of the same marathons as last year as well as a few new marathons in MD/VA. These should help me prepare for VT100 miler which I am signed up for. After VT100, I have marathons and ultra's that will help prepare me for a rematch at Javelina Jundred. I will make a decision if I am aiming for the 100 km or 100 mile as October approaches but I have a full fall that should adequately prepare me for either decision.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

So far in 2009 I have succeeded in PR-ing in every distance I have run from 5 kms in April ... to my 100 miler ... the 50 miler in Feb. ... marathon in May ... 50 km in October and now half marathon ...

Hey, don't forget your eleventy billion-word post of the other day, which has to be some sorta PR, I bet - possibly a Guinness WORLD record, even. Reading it nearly killed me (Teh 'Bride had to send in a team of men to extract me); I can only imagine what writing it did to you.

San Francisco ... is a hotbed of tectonic action.

I confess, the image this brought to mind got a little bit of a - *ahem* - "hotbed of tectonic action" going on in my own - *ahem* - "personal space". I wish I had had this pick-up line back in my clubbing days: "Hey, baby, wanna come back to my place? It's a hotbed of tectonic action, and YOU could be the epicenter!"

I assume not ALL the tectonic action going on in SF is gay tectonic action. But even if it is ... still... pretty damn HAWT!1!

Runner Tammy said...

I thought you were a librarian and lurved words.

If you wrote your blog posts in my language binary (0 and 1's) or simply inserted lots of equations I would not complain about the amount or volume of numbers you had. But I guess that is what separations librarians from mathematicians!

I am shocked you did not score a lady prior to teh wife with your amazing pick up lines:

"Hey, baby, wanna come back to my place? It's a hotbed of tectonic action, and YOU could be the epicenter!"

That's the kind of line that makes every girls heart flutter!!!

I think your comments are now competing with my blog posts for length. Good for you!