Friday, November 20, 2009

Richmond Marathon race report-interupted for JFK50 miler

Today I head off to Boonsboro MD to do packet pick up for JFK50 miler. Because I am doing the early start, Tristan and I will be staying at a local hotel. 3 a.m. is early enough already, staying at home would mean I have to get up about 2 a.m.!!

My bags have been sort of packed since JJ100 and I finished restocking a few extra items this past Wednesday. Now it is time to run this race.

I am unsure about my time because last week at Richmond Marathon in addition to my near pukefest by about mile 10 my legs were also really tired. Luckily I was focussed on how awful my stomach felt so was less worried about my lack of "pep in step". It may be that my 100 km did take a bit out of me (and I may or may not have really "rested, relaxed and recovered" with no weekends off since then. But alas running tired is good training for Umstead 100 (which in my world this is training for!)

Good luck to all my fellow JFK50 milers as well as my friends running PCT50 this weekend!

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