Monday, February 8, 2010

Success at Running but not flying home at Rocky Raccoon 50 mile

Today I am washing my stinky running cloth. This is not unusual except I am doing this at Houston, TX, not my home, where I should be. Sadly, snow-pocalypse 2010 made it so my flight(s) all have been cancelled. Hopefully my flight home this evening does not DNF!

I had a great time at Rocky (well except for not getting home). And surpassed my goal of breaking a 10 hour 50 miler. It was a goal I was not sure I would make, but I did with a bit of wiggle room. My gun time was 9:50:30. I imaging my chip time is about 1 or 2 minutes faster. I am so excited and proud of this result. It was really difficult to stay focused and I tried very hard to ensure my aid station visits were brief and productive. But I think my friends, the volunteers at the aid stations knew how much I appreciated them even without standing around socializing for 5 or 10 minutes.

After finishing I volunteered overnight at the main aid station. This was alot of fun. The runners are so nice and kind and every ultra runner has my utmost respect. Running 50 miles or 100 miles is REALLY hard!

My first lap was pretty fast (around 3 hours), my next lap I think was over about 3:30 and my final lap may have been faster than my 2nd lap (the splits have not been posted yet). But my lame excuse for my slower lap 2 is my repeated spills. I stumbled a bunch of times (particularly in the last 2-3 miles from the mardi gras aid station to the start/finish). And in fact fell all the way to the ground at one point. While lying down I considered for a few moments just staying there. But I knew that would not finish the race effectively. My positive thought after this spill was that the pain in my wrist, which started to swell up a bit was that my wrist pain was taking my mind off the pain in my legs, feet and toes. Although the toe that caught the root was really painful as well.

Running the course I knew my mom was with me in spirit. This gave me lots of energy. Many of my friends along the course, particularly when I mentioned she was the person with a cat on a leash in 2009. I do miss my mom very much but during the race I remembered last year when she was at many of the aid stations and even popped up along the course at unexpected locations (the big hill was a real treat that many people including myself remember from last year). I also was able to sit on the chair that we sat and watched runners in the evening. Sitting there I was so proud of my sub-10 hour 50 miler. I know she would have been so excited and proud.

I will write a more comprehensive race report. I have so many friends who I saw before, during and after the race. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to do something I enjoy so much and to have so many great friends I get to see, run and volunteer with.


JojaJogger said...

I found your blog looking for 100 mile race reports. Great job at crushing your goal, looking forward to the blow by blow race report.

joyRuN said...

Great job, Tammy! Hope you're able to get home before that next storm hits on Wednesday.

Bob - said...

You did awesome and yes your mom was cheering for you the whole way... safe travels back home, hopefully u make it home before spring :-)

Dan Rose said...

Tammy! Sub 10!! You kick a$$!! Don't worry about getting back to DC, you're not missing anything here except a bunch of blocked streets and downed power lines. Might as well enjoy your TX weather while you can!

Congrats on such a great run!!

Carolina John said...

wow, sounds like a wild ride on that one girl. lots of people are cheering you on!

Runner Tammy said...


Welcome to my blog. You will notice I am running Umstead, Javelina and just ran the Phoenix Rock and Roll Marathon last month. Looks like one of us is stalking the other:-)

I wish you the best of luck as you train up for Umstead 50. It will be a good training run for your future 100 milers.


Thank you! I did ultimately get home in time for Storm #2. On a positive note with 4 consecutive snow days I was able to write up my full race report.


Thank you!! I did make it home before spring but hope my current trend of snow and/or cold at every event for my last 6 events is not a sneak preview of Umstead 100. All I want is a beautiful, sunny, warm day like last year:-)


Thank you! I harnessed my inner Dan, Jamie, Shane, Tristan, "e" and all my wonder friends and pacers as I ran Rocky Raccoon.

I clearly should have appreciated the warmer and drier weather while at TX. Although on a positive note, I think I have a way stronger core and upper body heading into Umstead due to all the shoveling Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.