Monday, December 27, 2010

My final 2010 Race: Across the Years 48 hour Race

After a bit of a travel snafu (my flight was cancelled even though the Gaithersburg and Baltimore area did not get much snow) I am about to head off to Across the Years.

Luckily as in every aspect of my life (including drop bags, my fanny pack and personal necessities) I had a back up plan. Although my back up plan involved a flight that is my second most expensive flight this year (the most expensive was my flight to Portland Oregon to get Tristan after his fall off the mountain). Alas it will be worth it to see so many friends and make many new ones during my epic adventure of the 48 hour race at Across the Years.

My goal before my "Italian Flu" and shin splints was a sub 24 hour 100 mile, then to see how much further I could go perhaps with a sub goal of 135 miles because it is the same distance as Badwater. But considering my training has been a bit sparse lately and I sure don't want to start 2010 with an injury I might try to run 120-130 miles over the course of the 48 hours. My friend Karen, who ran the 24 hour Race around the lake with me suggested I should aim for 200 km. This coming from a person who ran her first 5 km in June and tripled her distance one month later makes me think I should step up to the plate and go for 124 miles at a minimum!

During this race, runners can receive messages through the website:

My race starts at 9 a.m. Mountain time on Dec. 29th and finishes on Dec 31rst at 9 a.m. Feel free to send me messages!!

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