Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop

Like most runners I have a day job. This is good because I really am bad at running so probably would be living on pennies a day if sponsored (although if any company wanted to sponsor me I am open to it...I'm thinking of you Bruster's:-) And we know from my neighbor that if you google up Brusters Gaithersburg my blog is listed within the top 3 hits...

Well, alas back to my point. I am the FDA co-chair of this conference. I have known for almost 3 years I was to chair this conference when I was selected for the FDA Statistics Association President Elect. The conference is now here and I will have very limited time to post (this post is pre-written). Because of the economic upheavel, I was worried there would be 3 people in attendence, my industry co-chair and my husband (a fellow FDA Statistician). But alas as of last report there are well over 700 attendee's signed up...And I did not threaten bodily harm to any of them; although a) I have never threatened bodily harm to anyone and b) threats of bodily harm from me kind of seem preposterous as I am pretty weak and in fact my arms are still jelly from my recent tri!)

Because of this conference I have slacked off from running a bit (although swollen ankles from my recent 40 miler might also be a contributing factor). Hopefully on Thursday I can get a good run in during the evening particularly since the Fleet Feet Running club is having "Brooks Poker Night". I am feeling optimistic/lucky although I am not sure if I need good running or good poker playing skills. If it is running prowress I need, I may be in a jam. But for poker playing, I have card counting skills, a bachelors degree earned in the shadow of Atlantic City (Go Stockton State!) and of course a statistics background to allow me to determine probabilities on the go.

Immediately following my workshop, Tristan and I will head out on our Anniversary Trip to VT/NH. During this trip I will be running the VT50 (but only the 50 km option cause I sissied out of the 50 miler a few weeks ago for several reasons) and the following week, the New Hampshire Marathon. I have not done the VT50 before, but hope it is not to difficult. On a positive note, it is shorter than my recent tails for trails 40 miler. I have done the NH marathon and really have enjoyed it the past few years.

I am also really excited about this trip!!! On Saturday after arriving in New England by my favorite airine Southwest (I LUV Southwest), we go to Wakefield to pick up Pacer Shane from the VT100.

I am so excited that Shane is going to run the 50 miler. It will be his first ultra (and in fact first race of any signficant distance...GO SHANE GO!!! After picking up Shane at Wakefield and of course the requisite trip to the Gingerbread construction company, Tristan, Shane and I head to VT. In VT we will meet up with Anthony (VT100 in 2008 and 2009, Umstead100, and several other events), Eddie, and Steve (my ride to the Self Transcendence Marathon).

Although the weather may or may not be good for the event, I know I will have a great time with my friends! And of course I will have a belly full of gingerbread construction company muffins so life will be good:-)

I am not sure I will have time to post between now and this trip (or even during the trip) so please pardon me if I don't post for a bit.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I was selected for the FDA Statistics Association President Elect


My advice?

The first thing you should do when you take the reins is institute a Statisticians' Death Panel so that all Statisticians over the age of, say, 65 are immediately killed. This will get Faux News's attention and also possibly Dr. Nic's.

Then, announce your Socialist Intention to ration statistics, just like Hitler and Stalin did.

You'll be the most popular Stat Prez 4EVAH!1!

(Full disclosure: Don't Blame ME! I voted for [insert names of foax who ran against you, presumably McCain/Palin]!)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll have a nice, peaceful run through the woods of VT to unwind from the stresses of conference planning. Enjoy the conference and see you in Wakefield, where muffins are already awaiting!

This morning in my class, I kept staring at the muffin perched atop the desk of the girl in front of me. Studded with blueberries, I think.

Runner Tammy said...


Ah alas, I was the president elect 2 years ago and the president last year...this is my penance:-)

Unfortunately I ran on a platform of high quality statistics not statistical rationing in which I take a convenience sample of an n=1, in which this one is I:-)

Pacer Shane,

I totally would have stolen the muffin. I would have shoveled it all in my mouth and ensured there was no evidence left.

I am really looking forward to Saturday and know we will have lots of fun (and perhaps with our new hotel have lots of stories:-)