Friday, September 4, 2009

A Quiet Labor Day Weekend...only a 5 km Race. And issues with Facebook

This weekend Tristan is away climbing some mountain in Washington State (Mt Shuksan).

While he is away, I have no major plans. I have a 5km race tomorrow morning that is located about 2 miles from my house. In the spirit of greenness (and because I am too cheap to get gas very frequently...and the hubby took the gas sipping hybrid),

I will be running to and from the race.

Thursday of this week, I volunteered at packet pick up for the race. It was alot of fun, although I get the sense out of about 11 volunteers there were only a few experienced packet pick up volunteers and only two other people planning to run the race. However, it is a pretty big race (~1000 people) with alot of community support!

This week I also tried to work on my Facebook account (my running friends Frank, Steve, Staci, Emmy, Tony... pressured me to join:-)

I learned Facebook is not exactly compatible with Google chrome (some may remember I just purchased a pink laptop about 1.5 months ago--this laptop has Vista-UGH and google chrome).

The selling point of Facebook as per my running friends was that I could post all 1000 pictures from each and all my various races and then just link it to this blog...well I have been limited to downloading only 5 or 6 pictures because of my computer (and I was shocked by this quota after being told by Tristan, my husband, that he downloaded several hundred pictures from his Mt Rainier expedition on July 4th).

Oddly enough, my husband beat me in registering for facebook (by about 2 weeks because his Mt Rainier climbing buddies forced him to do it).

It actually took quite a bit of effort for us to find each other and become "Friends". Then when I "befriended" him indicating we were spouses, he apparently denied it (to see what would happen). I know we are friends but I am unclear what relationship Facebook thinks we have (friends with benefits who may be legally married in the state of Virginia/US Govt but not considered married by Facebook???)

Hopefully this weekend I will figure out what "app" I need to download or I may try to somehow acquire Firefox, (which I hear is the best web-browser for facebook) so that I can download lots of pictures.

As for Tristan's/my relationship if anyone knows how we can re-form our married relationship within facebook, feel free to post it in the comments.


joyRuN said...

Ah - welcome to the world of farcebrag!

Except for my hubs, I deny any & all other relationships :) Annoys my aunt to no end.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Firefox seems to be the best browser just in general. I'm a recent convert to it from the Mac's own Safari, which, itself, is s pretty decent browser.

InYerFacebook claims another soul.

Welcome to online Hell, sister!

Runner Tammy said...

Ah, but at least your husband acknowledges your relationship. Tristan and I are unsure how to redo our relationship because he apparently was "experimenting".

He does the same experimenting on power tools, installing household products and sporadically computers. Sometimes his experiments go horrible wrong and we can never correct them (for example our exposed wiring that we have not figured out how to re-install wood paneling/sheet rock over)

My husband has a Mac. I use it but despise it. In fact his Mac has been back for repairs 3 times in the last 3 years. And each time it seems to wipe out his memory (which involves cursing and losing pictures, music, etc).

I am only going to dabble in Facebook. I think it might be too advanced for me. But sharing my race photos of friends was the big selling point. In fact this turn to the darkside should be blamed entirely on snapfish and flickr that limit my picture sharing to about 50 pics per month.