Friday, September 25, 2009

FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop=Done; Ultra=Up and Marathon=On Deck

Today was the final day of my FDA/Industry Statistics Meeting. I think it went well but my "pre-specified" (important statistical concept) definition of success was pretty minimal with simply no one maiming another, no police and no fire/rescue. This is the same definition I would use if I had children to define a successful day, but I aim low to ensure success:-)

I do have to confess I nearly wiped out a person in my organization who is two above me but in a different branch. In my defense I was walking quickly (as I have done for the past few days) and he was apparently trying to run interference. Luckily I am pretty small (we'll say less then 100 lbs...right???!!!!!) So our near collision did not take out anyone. Also other then the fact that we almost both got my breakfast all over us, it could have been worse in that I did almost let go of my plate which was covered in food (I am an ultra-athlete preparing for a race on Sunday so I need my FOOD!!).

I am still facing blister issues. Even though I taped my feet (following the instructions about owners manual and the extreme running forum), my blisters are even worse today and at least one blister has popped making it extra painful. I tried to earn sympathy by mentioning it to my co-chair, our volunteers and others. But then when I indicated that my blister go worse during last evening's Fleet Feet Fun Run (followed by Brusters with Gilligan of course) somehow I lost the sympathy card.

Tommorrow morning Tristan and I leave bright and early for BWI to head to VT/NH. I should not be up now (10:30 p.m.) considering how little sleep I have gotten (and will continue to get in the next 2 days). But alas I am more wired then if I had pounded a 12 pack of diet mtn dew (which I sort of may have done this morning--in fact at one point I had a diet dew in one hand and a big cup of coffee in the other. Hydration is the key to a healthy lifestyle, right? This earned me a few quizzical stares but no one challenged me about my addiction/love for all things caffienated).

I am really excited about the Vermont 50 this Sunday and am really looking forward to seeing and spending some quality time with my friends: Shane, Tony, Steve, Larry, and many others before, during and after the race. Sadly so far it sounds like the race (as well as much of our vacation) will be spent in rain. However, perhaps this will help me prepare for future ultra's in which the weather is not as nice as this past weekends Trails for Tails 40 miler.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good luck, sister!

elvoy said...

"This is the same definition I would use if I had children to define a successful day." Well said. Of course some may say my parenting skills need improvement, but they go to bed each night with four limbs and ten digits. Best of luck in the Vermont 50!