Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lakelands Kentlands 5km results--same exact time as last year 27:01!

I am shocked by my apparent consistency in running. Looking at the posted results of the 5 km race I participated in yesterday the Kentlands/Lakelands 5km, my time was EXACTLY the same as in 2008, 27:01.

I have no idea what to make of this.

Have I improved? (this year between VT100 and Kentlands I ran 1 marathon, one 10 miler, and my traditional Columbia Triathlon. And on Friday before the race, I ran home from work (+ a little extra to get to Fleet Feet as well as to get some dinner) which was approximately 10 miles total. Have I declined? Or have I plateaued?

Today I am cleaning house because in the next 3 months I have only 1 weekend completely off (at least so far) and many weekends away from home at a variety of events. Our basement/laundry room took me 2 hours to clean because my mom's diabetic cat seems to have forgotten what a litter box is to be used for. After this thrilling way to spend the early morning, I then had to do usual chores of laundry, changing sheets and general tidying. Make no mistake our house is still in shambles (always has been, always will be), but at least now it is in hygenic shambles:-)

Someday Tristan and I need to have a fire sale/garage sale or just need to donate 90% of our junk/stuff/belongings. But in fact not only are we not successful at getting rid of stuff at this point, we keep getting more (three bins of stuff arrived three weeks ago when I was at my Grandma's--of course these items were from my mom's RV, but alas at this rate our house will be condemned for excessive clutter in about 2 days:-)

Yesterday, my sister was able to deal with the final bit of my mom's possessions at the bank and has now completed her final obligation as the executor of my mom's will (by default because my mom's brothers who were listed both declined it--and my parents didn't raise a fool in me, I know executorship is hard even without doing it). It was a sad day for me because at this point other than pictures, memories and my mom's cat nothing is left. This was made even more so because pretty much I was alone except for the dog and cats.

Tristan is on the mountain and Cindy is at my dad's. The one bright spot yesterday is that I also learned one of my cousins (on my mom's side) from Texas had a new baby boy on Friday. Life does go on.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Life does indeed go on.

Good luck with all you've got on your plate these upcoming months.

I ran a 5k two years in a row (D&R Canal Watch 5k) and I was exactly one second slower the second year.

If you've plateaued, sister, I am in rapid decline.

Carolina John said...

we just had a garage sale this weekend and i had no idea how much clutter space we would free up. plus we made about $250 and donated another few hundred $$ worth of stuff to goodwill. it's all good, have that sale!

i can't believe you put up the same time in the 5k. i couldn't do that if i tried.