Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gilligan's Excellent Adventure-Pups in the Pool

Left: Tammy and Gilligan

Gilligan swimming?
Tammy and Gilligan. Is Gilligan lifeguarding? Because he sure isn't swimming!
Yes, he can actually swim (but you will notice there is a paw on the bottom).

Today was doggie dip day at a local pool. Since it was a beautiful day and Gilligan likes swimming and hanging out we partook in the fun.
However prior to going to the pool I took a long run down a local road. I can run 15-20 miles on this road but was a bit fearful of doing this today because the last three times I ran Great Seneca there was a dead deer. It is sad and as the days progressed it was SMELLY. Luckily sometime late last week someone (or something) removed the deer, which made for alot more pleasant a run.

After returning home, I dropped in on one neighbor to see if she wanted to take her dog to the pool. Then I called a work friend to see if she & her dog were up for meeting up with Gilligan and I. The neighbor declined but my work friend agreed but said she needed a shower. I tried to convince her that showering was optional, especially since I was coming straight off a run.
Gilligan and I headed for the pool and he initially was hesistant to get in. Ultimately he would get in but then get out quickly. A few times he did swim but he kind of cheated because he could touch the bottom. Through the afternoon, both of my friends showed up with their respective dogs. My neighbor commented that after the foul weather yesterday when we were all cooped up in our houses it was nice to get out for some fresh air and exercise.
After about 2 1/2 hours at the event, Gilligan seemed a bit tired and seemed to be uninterested in swimming, since I knew we still had to clean up after his swim we headed home slowly. Of course we stopped for ice cream on the way home, which he throughly enjoyed. Then it was time for a bath. As usual it took me over an hour to bath him. He is a BIG dog! He is now sleeping (snoring loudly) and has been for the last several hours.

In just a bit Tristan should be arriving home, I hope Gilligan can muster some energy to greet Tristan. Well, if not, at least the cats should be excited.

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Jamie Donaldson said...

This looks like sucjh a blast! Gilligan is actually swimming! Maybe he can give my water dog, Morrison a lesson or two!