Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running in the Rain? And to start pictures from our Adirondack Vacation

Here are some pictures from our vacation portion of our long weekend in the Adirondacks
Does this Schroon Lake Driver have a valid license?

Enjoying "Blue Ledge" along the Hudson River
Tammy and Horse at Saratoga Springs

Seriously this is the worst tasting spring ever. It smells of rotton eggs and dead animal at the same time. I tried pretty hard to swallow some to get some trace minerals but was not sucessful. It was kind of like trying to get down a gel or a matter how hard I try, I end of gagging and spitting stuff out (and of course making a horrible face:-)

Twice in the last 4 days I have ended up running in a torrential downpour. Thursday, Tristan and I took a very short jog to a local park. During our run, it started misting a bit (which was fine because we were under cover), but as we headed home (not under cover), the rain started coming down in sheets! We were completely soaked by the end.

Well, today Tristan drove our car to the local pool and jogged home and I jogged to the pool (the afternoon was predicted to have storms) to go swimming and get the aforementioned car that was abandoned. As I left the house I checked and all looked good for about 2 hours. But about 1 mile into my jog a light mist started. It increased dramatically in just a matter of minutes. It was like Vermont 100 miler all over again (except no hail or thunder/lightening which was very good). It was torrentially pouring. My positive thought was that I was going swimming anyway, this was just prepping me for my swim. My negative thought is that my iPod is getting really tired of being soaked. It has spent alot of time wet this year and unlike my camera I do not believe it is waterproof. But actually a few days ago I decided to slightly waterproof it with a ziploc bag. It's not as cool as the floaties my camera had but did seem to keep it dry today.

In addition to my iPod I was also a bit worried about my car key. Our car key has the locking mechanism right on the key. This means (I assume) it has some electronics in it. Tristan's key is already mangled and doesn't work properly (his key took a joy ride in the washer and possible the dryer), but my key had worked until today. I will hope it is tough because when we looked into replacing Tristan's key we were quoated in the hundreds of dollars! I would much rather buy a few pairs of shoes because they apparently are way tougher then keys.

Well, tommorrow the weather is supposed to improve, so hopefully my multi-tasking run/shower experiences are over for the time being;-)

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