Saturday, September 6, 2008

No North Face Endurance 50 km

Today I slept in. This was not how I expected to start my day. In fact I had anticipated getting up about 3:30 so I could get ready for the North Face Endurance 50 km, drive to VA, cheer on the 50 milers as they started their race and then 2 hours later start my 50 km journey. Unfortunately the race was cancelled. It is understandable because considering a hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression is on it's way, the support personnel need to be ready to assist residents rather than runners. And it might not have been safe for volunteers (or runners although I think most ultra runners accept there is definitely risk in the sport).

So today I am going to do work :-( I have a bunch of business trips coming up and need to continue working on my presentations and practice (next weekend I go to Boston to give a presentation about Technical Writing at the Regulatory Affairs Professional Annual Meeting, later that week I go to the FDA/Industry workshop and present "Effective Communication Strategies" and finally in October I should be going to Slovenia (old Czech Republic, right near Croatia/Italy/Austria) to present a session at the Drug Information Association Clinical Forum, "Identifying and Pursuing Career Opportunties in the Pharmaceutical Industry". Oddly enough none of my upcoming presentations are specifically related to my career path (Biostatistician), however, I believe my willingness to say yes and enthusiastic presentation style has enabled me to be offered many speaking engagements. This should help me in the future when I try to transition into my dream job of being a motivational speaker and/or career coach.

Stay safe out there!

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