Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introduction to my JJ100 mile Pacers: Renee

Here is a picture of Renee at the recent Race for the Cure in Arizona. Renee is the runner on the far right of the picture (the Bib ending in 133).


Name: Renee

Occupation: Software Consultant

Years Running: On and off for 15 years

What is the Farthest Distance/longest time you have Run/Raced?
PJ Changs Rock and Roll Marathon

What motivates you to Run?
Love of the outdoors and the ability to stay healthy

Top 3 Favorite Athletic Accomplishments:
1000 Stair Climb in Bisbee, AZ
PJ Changs Rock and Roll Marathon
Finishing every race event I've signed up for.

Do you have any Previous Volunteer Experience (pacing, crewing, coaching) for marathons/ultras?
No, this is the first time I've signed up as a pacer. I'm truly looking forward to the experience.

What inspired you to volunteer to be a pacer?
When 'e' sent out the email about your participition in the JJ100, I just kept thinking what better way to help out a fellow runner. The fact that you are running all those miles is such a motivation to me.

If a bear, snake, puma, javelina, scorpion, bear… jumps out of the bushes ready to attack during JJ100 how will you respond:
a) protect my runner
b) abandon my runner
c) knock over my runner in hopes it will gobble her up, then run away

If its a puma, we'll both spread our arms out wide so we appear bigger. If its a snake or a scorpion, we'll run way around it. If its a bear or javelina, you're on your own. :)

Any last minute words of wisdom:
If you envision an event that is important to you, it will become reality.

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