Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introduction to my JJ100 Pacers: Nikki

Here is a picture of my pacer Nikki during the Ragnar Relay earlier this year....
Name: Nikki Kuretich

Occupation: CPA (Let's NOT talk about our love of numbers for 15.4 miles!)

Years Running: 1.25

What is the Farthest Distance/longest time you have Run/Raced? 20 miles - 15.4 miles of it was the Pemberton Trail, the one you will be experiencing over and over again at the JJ100

What motivates you to Run? Food, I like to eat. The more I run, the more I get to eat.

Top 3 Favorite Athletic Accomplishments: Completing my first 1/2 marathon in January of 2009, finishing my second 1/2 marathon in September of 2009 with greater ease than my first, and running the farthest distance I've ever run and being able to walk to the car to go home afterward.

Do you have any Previous Volunteer Experience (pacing, crewing, coaching) for marathons/ultras? No.

What inspired you to volunteer to be a pacer? You and the other J100 runners! What a truly amazing and inspiring accomplishment!

If a bear, snake, puma, javelina, scorpion, bear… jumps out of the bushes ready to attack during JJ100 how will you respond:
a) protect my runner
b) abandon my runner
c) knock over my runner in hopes it will gobble her up, then run away

Sorry runner Tammy, it's between b) and c), except for the scorpion. I'm a wimp when it comes to critters and creepy, crawly things- every women for herself! I might be able to keep a level mind with the scorpion, unless there's a lot of people with black lights out there - in that case - you 're on your own!! Pumas and bears...oh my - if we see one of those - we both need to go to the aid station!!

Any last minute words of wisdom: Good luck and have fun!! Oh - and watch out for the jumping cactus.

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