Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marine Corps Marathon: Exceeding My Expectations--Part I

With my friend Mary K. from the Reston Runners. We ran many miles of VT100 miler in July together. She is really sweet and an super runner! She always has a positive word and encouragement for everyone and she is always smiling and is enjoying being out on the course:-)

With my friend Amanda from many marathons including: Delaware, Frederick, Bob Potts, Lower Potomac, B&A Trail, George Washington Birthday and many other local races. Amanda is so sweet and such a great friend! I was really lucky to see her twice this MCM because I also saw her at the EXPO. It is always so wonderful to see her because she is so upbeat and kind!

With Imelda and her friend Imran at the start of the race. Imran was such a great sport. He had forgotten his jacket, but he still walked Imelda and I to the starting line for her first marathon. This was a 30+ minute, 1 mile (one way) journey. He seemed very nice and I believe he was successful at seeing Imelda finish!
With Imelda at the start of the marathon. What you can notice here is that there are almost no people behind us (between us and the starting line). In fact there was pretty much my friend Barry (the juggler) between us and the sag vehicle that follows the last place runner
Here I am just a few feet past the starting line with Molly and Miles, the mascots of the marathon. I think it is cool that there are multiple mascots and I really like that there is a girl role model/mascot: Molly!

And of course I always love critters, whether dogs, cats, chinchilla's or mascots.

Every marathon I am in I realize how incredibly fortunate I am. I have great friends, my health and the ability to regularly do something I love that is good for me.

Today I ran MCM with my friend Imelda. It was her first marathon. And she finished in a great time of 5:48! Sadly a slight mixup in the last mile had me scrambling unsuccessfully to make up nearly a mile in just a few minutes. My time was 5:51. But for the first 25 miles we were together and I know I had a wonderful time!

In addition to running with Imelda, I was lucky enough to run into many great friends before and during the race. After an uneventful metro ride in, I run into my friend Amanda P. from many local marathons. On the walk to Imelda's hotel I am surprised to hear Jim A from the Reston Runners and a bunch of other Reston Runners heading towards the "Reston Runner Tree" at the start/finish. And at Imelda's hotel I run into Pat B, the race director of the Washington Birthday Marathon.

After a quick potty break at the Holiday Inn, Imelda, her friend Imran and I head towards the start line. It takes us about 20 minutes to get to the Reston Runners Tree where we see my sister Cindy and a bunch of Reston Runners. After several group pictures the large group of runners heads to the start. Imelda and I slowly walk to the start but I realize my 20 oz of gatorade is hitting my bladder. Seeing a set of porta potties that are moderately obscure I head over. There is no line, the potty is immaculate and fully stocked with about 20 rolls of toilet paper. I guess my 70+ endurance events have given me "spidey" sense about less used facilities.

Upon arriving at the starting line, Imelda and I have a discussion about how we should get to our corral of 5:30 or so. We can either walk about 800 meters to our place in line or we can stand on the side and wait for the 5:30 pace group. Since I am lazy (and hoping to taper for JJ100 next week), I am hoping for the latter. We decide to stand near (~300 meters) before the start line and wait for runners going our intended pace. While waiting we see many Reston Runners, many of my friends wandering about. Pretty soon the race starts and we see thousands of runners passing by us as they start their 26.2 mile journey. Sadly we do not see Cindy.

Finally after ~15 minutes we decide we need to start our race. We have seen pace groups up through 5:00 hours and our side of the street has no more runners. My friend Barry the juggler is one of the final runners on our side, which is our cue to start the marathon. After a few pictures we are on our way; ready to start the Marine Corps Marathon 2009.

Since I am tired (because I had to get up at 4 a.m.). I am going to make this race report in multiple parts but I will say as usual I had a GREAT time!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

She always has a positive word and encouragement for everyone and she is always smiling ...

So she's of the same breed of Pod People as you, then?

Kidding, sister!

How does ANYONE smile during a marathon? Or a 5k, for that matter?

Keep the chapters coming. And congrats on finishing another one!

Lordyll said...

Even if the porta-potties are moderately obscure as long as it has no line, go for it!! I hate long lines when I'm participating on marathons. So sometimes I hold my bladder, but its hard. I only drink a little bit of water to avoid going to the porta-potties.

joyRuN said...

Congrats, girl! Looks like you had great peeps to meet up with :)

Runner Tammy said...


Thanks (I think:-).

I really do enjoy running marathons. I guess I am going slow enough to be aware of my surrounds but not so slow as to be completely hating the experience.

Also chatting, joking and just having a good time makes it lots of fun.

That and the fact that my pod people love running:-)


In fact you will observe that I much prefer real restrooms and will travel long and far to get a real bathroom with hot and cold running water.


Thank you! I did have an amazing time and really loved seeing all my friends on the course.

Whats really cool is meeting fellow bloggers in person (which occasionally I do). I know am looking forward to meeting you at Richmond!