Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introduction to My JJ100 Pacers: "E"

Name: Elizabeth "e" Diethelm

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Years Running: I'm working on my second year of running.

What is the Farthest Distance/longest time you have Run/Raced? I did my first marathon last year at the Tucson Marathon. I'm doing Tucson this December to see if I can better my time.

What motivates you to Run? At first it was the camaraderie of my newly found running buddies—and it is still is a major motivator—however, this year I've found the "sweet spot" where you feel really great after a long run. It took me a year to get that "runner's high" but now that I experience it on regular basis, I'm really enjoying running.

Top 3 Favorite Athletic Accomplishments: 1. Finishing my first marathon (Tucson) last year 2. Winning my age division for a single scull at the Marathon Rowing Championships on the Cane River in 2006. 3. Getting first place at a mountain bike race (when I was in my early 20's) in the White Mountains (in AZ) . I've had a ton of sports activities and events over the years but I think running is going to be my favorite and I'm pretty sure that some of my upcoming running events will end up as favorites.

Do you have any Previous Volunteer Experience (pacing, crewing, coaching) for marathons/ultras? Nope. You're my first victim : )

What inspired you to volunteer to be a pacer? Although this year will only be my second marathon, I have been thinking about going farther next year. Perhaps entering my first 50k and/or 50 mile. I can't think of a better way to learn more about what it takes to prepare and do an ultra than to pace someone that has a few of these ultras and many marathons out of the way. I was actually looking up 50k races in the Western part of the U.S. when I came across the Javelina Jundred. I used to bike, hike and run Pemberton trail on a regular basis so I was immediately interested and started looking on the pacing forum. I scanned through all the chicks needing help and decided on you because you were traveling farther and you just sounded like a genuinely nice person. I was thinking that it might not be a good idea to be the ONLY pacer. If I'm going to run 50 miles I probably should just sign up and get the shirt. I immediately crafted an e-mail to my "Peeps" at RC3 (Running Chicks of Cave Creek) to join me and pace a lap. I think I said something about this poor East Coast Chick who is going to be freaking wiped after running 47+ miles on her own and how we need to adopt her and make sure she makes it AND has fun... or something like that. I know I just have to throw out the challenge and someone will step up. I wasn't surprised when Nikki and Renee responded. If I were not pacing at JJ100, I would be doing a long run with Nikki. We're running buddies training for Tucson and Nikki has that "sign-me-up" "go-get-'em" attitude (love that). In fact, when I started training for Tucson, I thought I was on my own as my previous running buddy was out for this year. Nikki started running with me and she said (paraphrasing) "You need "Chick" support and I don't think you should run the marathon alone". She'll be doing her first marathon but she trains like she's done this all before. Your going to love having her pace you as I love having her as my training buddy. And Renee is truly an inspiration to me. I recently learned her age after she ran an event and we were combing the results board for her name. I couldn't believe it when I saw her age and STILL do not believe that she is "xx" years old. She puts the younger women in our club to shame by always stepping outside her comfort zone to get better. She is going to be a great last lap "Angel".

If a bear, snake, puma, javelina, scorpion, bear… jumps out of the bushes ready to attack during JJ100 how will you respond:
a) protect my runner
b) abandon my runner
c) knock over my runner in hopes it will gobble her up, then run away

I have to reword this question. What you mean to say is:
If a pack of Coyotes, rattlesnake, javelinas, mountain lion or Bobcat jumps...

First, I've lived in Arizona for almost 20 years and I've experienced all of these animals and critters with the exception of a mountain lion (Thank God!) The scorpions will all be squashed by previous runners. They're small and you really only need to worry about them taking a siesta in your shoes. It's not good to blindly put on your shoes after they've been sitting on the ground in the desert or even outside in your garage (as I've learned). Rattlesnakes.... well, you might be on your own as all snakes still freak me out. However, I'm good at spotting them and I do know that they respond to vibrations and usually will slither off the trail if they feel you coming. Javelinas you can SMELL from a mile away. They won't charge you if you ignore them or throw them some of your energy bar. Coyotes are hungry but would prefer an easier kill like a bunny (probably taste better). They tend to slink off into the darkness when humans are around. If it's a mountain lion or bobcat then I would have to say "C"! Just kidding... cats like me and I'm sure they won't bother us OR they will have already picked off some faster ultra running prey.

Any last minute words of wisdom:
1. Enjoy the awesome weather here in AZ. You'll be getting a Vitamin D overdose!
2. Drink water way before you are thirsty. The dryness of the desert will suck the moisture right out of you.
3. Wear lots of sunscreen and prepare for some funky tan lines.
4. Be nice to your pacers!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've been replaced. Sniff. But I feel slightly better that it took THREE excellent pacers to do it!! :) Or rather you didn't want to make the mistake again of spending so much time with that one jerk at VT100 .... To all, have a great race and have fun!

Runner Tammy said...


You haven't been replaced you've been added to:-)

Anyway I hear you are running VT100 this year so you will not be available as my personal pacer.

Thanks for the good wishes!