Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Beautiful Day for a Run!

Picture: Tristan on Mt Rainier

Today was the first day posted the weather for Vermont 100. That means it is within 10 days to the start!

To prepare, my husband and I ran Sugarloaf Mountain for my last hill training session. We ran up and down 3 times. My husband suggested it is a 500 feet climb from the parked car to our turned around point. I am not sure this is accurate but hopefully my husbands POLAR watch/heart rate monitor watch is correct (either it was 500 feet to the top or his heart rate was 500 beats per minute!).

We reminisced about various races he has crewed for me, paced me and visited me along the course and finish line. He has subsequently been fired for crewing/pacing/picking up from the race but they were good times when he was successful at his tasks (I do alot better a job helping when he climbs mountains reliably bringing beer, pizza and treats 9,000+ feet up mountains he has climbed. I have been up both Mt Rainier and Mt Hood to do this).

Tristan also agreed to an interview later this week since he will be serving as my crew (him and my friends at the VT100 who will be moving my drop bags throughout the course). You can look forward to hearing the good, the bad and the ugly (stinky?) about being on "Team Tammy".

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