Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Preparing Part II

So today I am back to being anxious about VT 100. I thought I was all set until I checked Weather.com. It looks like it will be a hot day in VT. I had packed for all conditions but now think I have really overpacked because the low is only predicted to be 65. Who needs winter weight cloths at 65??? At 59 (the previous low) I need winter cloths but 65 is positively balmy. Oh yeah and now no matter what weather internet site I go to suggests possible storms/rain. Aarghh!! I am like my cat (pictured above with my yummy pre-race treat:-) and I am not a big fan of rain and being wet during races.
Well at least I can reminisce about all the tasty treats I have gobbled up in preparation for VT100 (well unless Boo-the cat in the background gets to my cake before I do).
On a positive note, I am watching the Badwater race unfold and am happy to see so many athletes I know and am friends with doing really well. I feel like my husband who watches March Madness progress. I am rivited by the "action" (although the webcasts perhaps are not as exciting as live broadcasts, I still have been clicking on the www.badwater.com/2008web/ website with regularity to follow the runners progress).

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