Friday, July 11, 2008

My Support Staff

Name: Tristan Massie

Relationship to Runner, Tammy: I am not sure I would qualify Tammy as a Runner. But if I suspend my disbelief about this phrasing, Tammy is my wife of 8 years

Occupation: Statistician for the FDA in the suburbs of Washington DC (just like Tammy)

Previous Ultramarathon Roles: Crew, Pacer, Chauffer, Backstabbing Competitor

Role at Vermont 100: Chauffer and auxiliary crew

Favorite Athletic Accomplishments: Summiting Mt Rainier, Mt Hood, Mt. Whitney, and Borah Peak (among other state high points since my goal is peak bagging all 50 states high points or at least the interesting ones)! And of course running a few marathons and ultra's with Tammy (Disney Marathon, Richmond Marathon and Niagara Ultra 50 km)

Favorite Moments from previous crewing/pacing experiences: So many stories, so little time (and one story I am not allowed to talk about...what goes on in Umstead stays in Umstead!). I think seeing Tammy finish always with a smile on her face is really inspiring. And of course meeting her new friends she makes during events.

Why do you think you have been demoted to auxiliary/back up crew? I have been fired? Alright, this is AWESOME!

No, really, why do you think you have been demoted to auxiliary/back up crew? Oh this is tough as there are so many possibilities! What man pretends to know the inner workings of a woman's mind? Well, there is the "Sandal Incident of '07" (Umstead 100 miler) in which I brought Tammy flip flops instead of Teva support sandals at mile 98, oops! There is the "Possum Incident of '06" (pictured above) that occurred during JFK 50 miler. I was busy taking a picture of Tammy and a wild opossum at mile 40 along the course and couldn't care less how horrified Tammy was becoming as the opossum was approaching her at high rates of speed (definitely moving faster than her at least)! I see this as useful training for the bears and snakes of the future. Then of course there are several races I neglected to meet Tammy at pre-set locations. I even once abandoned her at the finish line because Gilligan (our dog) and I were peak-bagging in PA and Gilligan wanted to savor the accomplishment of another states high point and refused to come down the mountain for a while! It was all the dog's fault.

Any words of wisdom: I guess thinking about it, I deserved to hear the dreaded words (although it wouldn't affect my income): "You're Fired". But hopefully I can redeem myself at VT100 and get back on the approved pacer/crew list!

Good luck Tammy and all the other runners!

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