Sunday, July 13, 2008


I hope you enjoyed the last post by my guest-writer/husband/crew/pacer: Tristan. I never knew he perceived that he was a "backstabbing competitor" previously but perhaps that is why he consistently gets low marks in pacing/crewing/chauffering. Maybe like his housework skills it is all a ploy to get out of doing it!

Today, Tristan went to Shenandoah to climb Old Rag, White Oak Canyon, Hawkbill Peak and Cedar Creek. Because I am afraid of rattlesnakes (which we have seen) and falling down (which I have done), I elected to stay home.

Fleet Feet Gaithersburg (aka my source or "dealer") was hosting a pre-IronGirl seminar series to give some insight about biking, running and swimming. Since I am incompetent at virtually all 3 sports, I figured this refresher would be useful. I learned how to change a bike tire (which is only going to be useful if I remember to buy an inner tube!). And I learned a few other tips for getting ready for the event. Since this is my second IronGirl I think I can fake my way through for a second year in a row. All I need to do is: 1) Not take ~10 minutes in the transition from swimming to biking and 2) Not start the bike on a flat/under-inflated tire and 3) not take a break to appreciate the sights during the run and I probably will improve upon my 3+ hour time.

Spending time panicking about the IronGirl helped distract me from the more current panic associated with VT100. I have now given up cramming and actually think I am 90% packed (I will buy a few more items in New Hampshire..No sales tax, yeah:-) and it is easier to get my beverages/food close to the race rather then have Southwest transport it.

Finally, because it is now too late to cram running/fitness related activities before VT100, I have decided to cram eating/drinking related activities. My current strategies is to eat 3 healthy meals a day supplemented by lots of high calorie foods to ensure I have adequate bodyfat during the 100 (at least this week, this is my justification!). You can see one of my tasty treats above. Yum!

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CTmarathoner said...

Tammy ---so looking forward to seeing you in VT ---we met at the 24 hour and at Umstead! as you know...VT is a difficult course and so will be in the back of the pack with you just being conservative and hoping to finish!I have a few late nights at summer concerts which were fun but wore me out --I pray that I get some sleep this week and Friday night--ad you too. Also, I have 3 cats and love cats --just lost, last year, 2 older cats! see you in VT.