Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to Vermont & Thanks!

Today is my last day at home before flying to Vermont.  Tomorrow, my husband and I get up bright and early to fly from BWI (Baltimore, MD) to Manchester, NH on Southwest (our favorite airline for so many reasons!).

I have all my "stuff" packed, labeled and put into many different drop bags.  I should be relatively set for the upcoming adventure.  I ended up needing one full suitcase/duffel, a full overnight backpack (which I have never overnighted in but makes me look like a real hiker) and part of my husbands suitcase.  Oh yes, part of his carry on is filled with my essential stuff such as an extra pair of sneakers, spare outfit, raingear, etc. just in case our checked luggage takes a trip to someplace other then NH!  

I think my husband was freaking out the other day when he thought he only would have 1/2 of a bag for his hiking/vacation equipment; so he appears now to be rather pleased to have a full hiking backpack and 1/2 of a large duffel and enough room in his carryon to include several books, an ipod and a little food.  

We're still having a debate how to spend Thursday (t-minus 1 day to 100 miler).  Our choices include a trip to Canobie Lake, a small theme park near the NH/MA border which would be great fun (but mostly standing up and walking around...perhaps not the best way to get ready for a 100 miler).  Our other choice is to go north to Stowe VT and go on some factory tours including the Ben&Jerry's Factory tour.  As you can see from my previous blogs, there has never been a dessert I do not like!  We would also walk along the recreation path in Stowe and head over to Pie in the Sky a really good Pizza place in Stowe.  So even this plan involves some exertion.  Oh yes, and if I go to B&J's I might feel compelled to eat a Vermonster (29 scoops of ice cream, 4 cups of toppings, 1 can of whipped cream.... yum!)  This would be an excellent celebratory meal; however, the wisdom of it being a pre-race carbo-load could be a bit questionable.  But how awesome would my post be if I could consume a Vermonster and run Vermont 100 within 2 days.  I bet you the elite competitive eating contest winners could not perform a similar feat!      

As I get ready for Vermont I hope I am mentally and physically prepared.  I think my face smashing incident in early June did not help my preparation (a 30 mile day turned into a 7 mile day with trip to emergency room--and I am still puzzled why my hands remained relatively unscathed because my chin had to catch my fall!).  And after getting back to running the next day, I was a bit skittish to go far or fast.  But on the other hand, I felt really good at the Niagara Ultra and perhaps the reduced training regime has helped me to have fresher legs.  I guess Saturday/Sunday will be the test!

I do know as I have trained up for this 100 miler, I have really felt the support and encouragement of so many friends.  There are so many to name, but here is an abreviated list:

My husband and pacer, crew, driver, massage therapist, cheerleader: Tristan,
My sister, and former pacer/crew for Umstead 100 and JFK 50 Cindy and our friend Imelda,
My running supporters:  Chris and Robyn Gault from FleetFeet Gaithersburg who are always willing to order any equipment I might need (my favorite special ordered item is a pink pair of Tifosi sunglasses that transition in the light...cute but functional!).  My Fleet Feet Thursday night gang members who are too numerous to name (and actually I do not know everyone's name:-(  Karen, Larry, Jack, Cynthia, 
My running friends:  I have been so lucky to have so many friends through the years:  Peter W. from Reston Runners, who has been such a help as I have matured as a ultra-runner, Dave Z., who I ran Dean Karnazes Endurance 50 race at Delaware, Meg and Anne from the New Orleans Marathon, Dean P. who I met at a Dean K. signing and then saw along the MCM Marathon route, Richard T., from Canada, my guinness book of world record holder friend (for fastest time for 7 marathons on 7 continents), Diane C. my "dirty girl" friend from Canada, Belinda P. and Vinnie, my "pseudo-pacers" and friends from Umstead 100, my official pacers at Umstead in 07 and 08 Bobby and Amy, my friends from Reston Runners: Anna B., Jim A., my original ultra-mentor Diane L., Dave Y. (who has tried to give me the inside scoop about VT100 having just run it in 2007), Katherine H. (my first crew in JFK in 2005), Leo L., a fellow statistician and ultra-runner who is getting it done well into his 70's!, my elite athlete friends who are always so nice and encouraging: Anne L., Kris W., Annette B., Lisa B. and Jamie D. There are of course my co-workers: Sukh S., Ann S., Katherine B., Kathy M., Jennifer R., Qian G., Jessica K., Jingyee, Carmen C., Andrea J., Melisse B., Tina K., Donna L (& Chris who so graciously let me use their beach house during the Potomac Marathon), my friends from grad school: Margaret S. and Jackie T., and my informal and formal mentors who serve as role models to me both personally and professionally: Anna N., Dale H., Janice D., Georgia C. and Flo H.   

Without my family's good wishes and encouragement when I was running cross country and track during my youth I would not be here.  Thanks Mom & Dad!

You all have been such an inspiration and I am incredible blessed to know you all!  This is the positive thought I will carry in my heart as I run VT100.  When I get depressed, pained or just am ready to succumb to the "Lure of the Chair" I will think of all who are supporting me! 


CTmarathoner said...

wow -Tammy,you are lucky to have such a supportive crew and luck to have such good running friends --I totally agree -mine are the best.
see you Friday!!

CTmarathoner said...

Tammy -way to go in VT!!!!!
looking forward to hearing about your race.