Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vermont 100

I had a great time at Vermont 100 this past weekend. I saw old friends, made new friends and enjoyed spending time with others who are as passionate and enthusiastic about running as myself.

I will write a comprehensive race report in the next few days but just to give you a sneak peak. My race included:

* Snakes
* Lightening striking 200 meters from us
* Hail
* Almost losing my shoe in a big mudpit
* Having a young lady in flip flops run along side me enthusiastically at mile ~68 yelling how awesome the 100 mile runners including myself were
* Learning how deep I could dig in adverse conditions!
and lots more.



Jamie said...

I remember you! I saw you cross the finish line and give a curtsy to the applauding the crowd. Great job! Hope you're recovering well.

CTmarathoner said...

tammy -great photo!! looking forward to your comments -I almost lost my shoe in a mud pit too -as if you didn't have enough challenges, right?
congrats on finishing when 120 people dropped out --you have perseverence -thx also to Tristan for driving us to start.

Tammy said...


Thanks for the kind words...for all the runners and spectators who have been there ~14 hours, the least I could offer was a curtsy!


You are a hoot! So would you have been like the horse who threw it's shoe and just kept going or would you have DNF'd with the shoe?

Tristan was happy to drive you and Wayne. He was going to be stuck driving me anyway. But next time maybe we can get Anthony to drive us and tell us about his madcap adventures:-)