Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dean Karnazes 50 marathons in 50 days Movie Review

I am in Denver on a business trip, but have a few minutes downtime that I can write a small review of the 50 marathons in 50 days.

It is an AWESOME movie. It was made even better by the fact that I participated in the actual event and it reminded me of the amazing journey Dean went through in 2006.

Dean is an amazing athlete and a wonderful person. He has energy, enthusiasm and is very genuine and down to earth. This came through in the movie. You could feel the challenges, the triumphs and the camradie that the participants were lucky enough to share. During the movie, you were part of the 50 marathons journey and saw the beautiful courses that Dean was fortunate to run on. You also saw some of the challenges facing Dean and the other runners and at least I could relate to these. But I think most marathoners, runners and ultramarathoners have the realization that runnning like life has challenges and the best weather these with grace and aplomb. It is inspiration to see everyone face these.

The audience was also lucky enough to meet and get to know some of the participants and the variety of stories that led runners to partipcate. I am really looking forward to buying the book later in August and look forward to the day when I can purchase the DVD.

In summary I would have run about 100 miles (my limit) to go and attend this movie, which is equivalent to 5 stars on a 5 star scale. The scenery, special interest stories and the overall positive and motivational aspect of this movie was great and if it plays again by a theatre near me, I will be attendance again.

To validate my assessment, my husband, my sister and Imelda all really enjoyed the movie as well (although perhaps we are all a little biased as we are all runners). I would highly recommend it to both runners and non-runners.

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CTmarathoner said...

Tammy -thanks for the review. dean is coming out with a book??? I am definately looking forward to that and too getting the movie on DVD (had no excuse not to see it except just plain old 'didn't want to get n the car again' tiredness!!