Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Gold Medal Watching: the 2008 Olympics

I have been watching the Olympics virtually every day since it started.  Granted the first few days I was on business travel/vacation so all I was able to do was see a TiVo of the opening ceremony and read the newspaper results.  

But since arriving home last Monday I have spend from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. watching the competitions on NBC (we do not have cable/digital) so this is the only way I can get my fix!  Saturday was the highlight of my Olympic watching when the Women's Marathon was held.  I was so excited to see women compete at an event which I consider my specialty (only because after ~40 marathons I consider them fairly manageable; 50 milers I always wonder if I will finish and 100 miles are definitely a wild card!)

The marathon was riveting and I was bummed when it was over in less then 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Oddly enough several of my co-workers asked me if I could run about this time.  I had to break the news that pretty much my time is 2X an olympians time.  But then again I have a real job so I am not highly motivated to go very fast.  Also I have lots of tasks I need to do during marathons including taking pictures, using real bathrooms with running waters and chatting with kind volunteers.  I did not see any of the elites performing these tasks.

Another question I fielded (because I suppose in many other non-athletes eyes I am an expert) was about the winner doing lap after lap after she completed.  My response was that if at all possible a victory lap is typically done and unless you have completely put it all out there, you can typically jog another lap or two and in fact it might help prevent stiffness and muscles from tightening.  I also suggested that perhaps with all the adrenaline she was primed for a few extra laps for good measure.

I now am getting mentally prepared for the men's marathon.  

In addition to my excitement about the marathon, I was really amazed by Michael Phelps swimming.  He is just a swimming machine!  I have to admit his last race I was asleep (I am pathetic, I tried so hard but I am happy I was able to watch as many of his events as I did).  

Finally, I have been really excited about the beach volleyball.  The American's May/Walsh are such an impressive pair.  They make beach volleyball look easy.  But from the few times I have run on beach sand I have the utmost respect for all the beach volleyball players because it is REALLY tough!!!

In addition to watching olympics I have tried to throw in a few runs and swims.  Since VT100 I have been slacking off a bit and my IronGirl and subsequently the North Face 50 km race is coming up fast!  

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