Saturday, August 23, 2008

Less than one day to IronGirl Triathlon!

Today was packet pick up and bike racking for the IronGirl Tri.  It also was the first time in 5 days since I saw my bike.  This may not bode well for my competition tomorrow, but alas it is too late to worry about my training (or lack thereof!)

Early in the day I set out all my stuff.  I had an internal debate about what outfit (pretty, comfortable, outfit from last year, were all in consideration...).  I decided to go with a little old, a little new, a little borrowed, a little blue....Just kidding, I am missing a little borrowed!  But I will be wearing a similar outfit as I wore last year with a few new items.  Unlike my ultra-marathoning races, my color theme will be blue/green but of course I will have some pink and a sparkley fanny pack ("blue-y", not my silver pack that takes only 50 or 100 mile journeys now)  

I picked up my friend, Ann and bike and we drove over to Columbia, MD.  We arrived a few minutes early but soon enough were receiving our packets, our goody bags and our vibrant pink wristband.  Immediately upon receiving my chip/anklet, I put it on (I hate being worried about misplacing items or the potential to forget critical items when going to competitions).  My friend did not put on her ankleband and commented that it looked like I was on probation!  Well, at least tomorrow I will know where my chip is.

After we shopped a little at the EXPO, we headed over to the Centennial Lake to rack our bikes. Like the EXPO/packet pick up we were a little early so took a short lap around the lake.  It is a pretty course but a little hilly.  After our jog, we were able to rack our bikes.  Somehow I TOTALLY scored an AWESOME spot.  I have an end spot about 7 racks away from the lake.  It will be easy to get onto the bike course and easy to transition to the run.  Now all I need is to focus!  

As I write this blog, I am watching the men's Olympic Marathon.  They are really moving (I think 2:05 is the current pace...even on my bike I couldn't go 26 miles in 2:05!).  

Finally, I am hoping my friend Jamie is doing really well at the Lean Horse 100 mile.  She previously came in first at Badwater just over 4 weeks ago and is using this as a training run in preparation for the 24 hour World Championship in Korea in October.  I know she will do really well at Lean Horse.  And of course I am confident she will do a GREAT job representing the US at the World Championship as both as an athlete as well as a representative of our country.  

Well, my goal at tomorrows tri is to finish sub-3 hours.  Maybe if I focus I can break 2:45 but regardless,  I hope I meet lots of nice people, have a good time and enjoy the excitement and camraderie of the IronGirl! 

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