Friday, May 8, 2009

Agenda for Today: Donating Blood and Carmen's Italian Ice for Gelato (because it's half price day:-)

Sporting my pink pressure bandage...oddly enough, the technician tried to give me a lime green pressure bandage since my outfit was lime green with khaki's. Since I did not want to have a monochromatic lime green outfit I asked for pink to create a more "springy" ensemble.

Tristan showing Gilligan how to eat a Gelato. Or is it taunting Gilligan with his Gelato? Gilligan is a big fan of any ice cream or italian ice, or any other treat for that matter...during the summer on lucky weeks he can go to Carvel for buy one get one free Wednesday, Brusters for Bring your own banana get a half price banana split Thursday and the 8th of the month for half price Gelato at Carmen's Italian Ice. And don't think Tristan and I aren't excited about these economical but tasty treats!

Today I have a full schedule of activities including my regular workday as well as several "extra-curricular activities".

In the morning I will successfully lose 1 lb the easy way...donating blood. Since I am a universal donor (O-neg), I try to regularly donate blood. But to a certain extent I have to be a bit cautious about not donating too close, before or after, a significant endurance event (50 miles or greater). I am over a month away from Umstead 100 and two months before VT100 and this weekend I have no marathon (because the one time I donated on a Friday and ran on a Sunday I felt a little peaked).

I expect this will go relatively smoothly and easily. Sometimes they blow up veins but in fact this hasn't happened in the past few years (so maybe it was just an awkward stage my veins were going through). I do know they are not happy about how pitiful my veins are and I tend to get a cluster of techs who all swarm me and click their tongues about pathetic veins. But ultimately with my encouragement some relatively experienced hematologist will just jab me with gusto successfully.

As a post-donation treat, Tristan and I have our evening mapped out. We will be going to Carmen's Italian Ice in Rockville where on the 8th of every month they have half price Gelato. For those of you fortunate enough (or is unfortunate, because the traffic is a nightmare) to live in the DC area, this treat is well worth a car trip:-)

Of course Gilligan will be joining us! This means that for two day's in a row, Gilligan will have ice cream. Last night (of course) we went to Bruster's for Bring your own Banana half price Banana split night. Gilligan is a lucky dog:-)


Just_because_today said...

Oh God, I do remember that traffic and the fact that I got a ticket by mail three weeks later with the picture of my car. But anyway, hope that gelato was worth it and glad you give blood. My daughter received a transfusion once so I am thankful. I should be thankful anyway, but more so now

CTmarathoner said...

great thing to do --give blood. My son worked for the red cross last June and gave blood...
I did not have ice cream today but did have some cake!!
A woman named 'trail pixie ' commented on my blog--she loves cats...will send you the link, as think you'd enjoy seeing the cat pix.

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Myriam,

The traffic is why in the summer I tend to run or bike commute a few days a week. It's good for the environment, gets me a workout and saves me a lot of stress.

I will keep donating as long as I can for people like your daughter who need blood more than I need it (well at least the pint they take I can live without:-).


It is nice your son worked for the Red Cross and donated blood. Does he still do this while he's been at college? I remember my college would have all sorts of competitions between dorms to get the most donors. I vaguely recall ice cream socials and free tickets to on campus shows/events included as some of the prizes.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

(so maybe it was just an awkward stage my veins were going through) ...

Yeah, that awkward tween/teen stage in veins is horrible! They're always slamming their doors and screaming "I hate you, I HATE you, I HATE YOU!"

Veins! So immature!

This post isn't particularly long, sister.

Just sayin'.

Runner Tammy said...


You're right about this post being exceptionally short.

But in fact this post was written the night before using the delayed post option (if I ever need an alibi I think I can get google to be mine, right?). Thus if you consider it as an addendum to the night before's post this is actually is very long:-)