Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On my way to Texas for Mom visit #1 and a brief update about Delaware Marathon

Today I am on my way to Texas to see my mom. I ultimately decided to fly down with my sister to see my mom and ensure our planned trip next week will be as comfortable as possible for my mom.

Sadly this means I have not exactly prepared for my mom's journey back to Pocohontas State Park and subsequently our house, however, this is more aligned with my mom's philosophy. She did not typically plan ahead (while I am a super planner with lists, agenda's and life plans for a long time in the future).

This past weekend I ran the Delaware Marathon. Three years ago my mom and I traveled to the Delaware Marathon within a few weeks of her first stroke so I could run with Dean Karnazes. My mom volunteered and had a GREAT time with his family while I ran the race.

On Sunday I was able to call and talk to her. She mumbled a little when I talked about being in the marathon. Many times during marathons she would call me. I would always answer my phone during marathons...but my mom would be funny and update me on all sorts of stuff. At some point I would have to remind her that I was running a marathon and probably should focus on running.

This week is going to be pretty challenging for me. Cindy (my sister) and I fly back to MD/VA on Thursday, I pack up for VT and fly to VT super early Friday morning. I also have to pack for our road trip from Texas since I will have about 7 hours at BWI during the end of my VT trip and the flight to start my mom's road trip.

Please keep her in your thoughts...Tammy


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Best of luck to you, your sister and your Mom!

Mike Bailey said...


Thanks for the kind words about MMT. My leg is healing well from the accident. If not for the crash, I would have been back running on monday. I am glad your mom is hanging in there. When my grandmother was re-diagnosed with cancer the doctors gave her 3 months to live. She hung on for five. Always remember that your mom, right now, is the epitome of endurance and courage.

Run strong,

Larry L said...

Tammy - Best of luck to your family as you go through this journey. My thoughts are with you all. - Larry

Runner Tammy said...


Thank you.


You are right, my mom is the epitome of endurance and courage. She was like an ultra-runner in personality although not in the actual running.

She came to so many of my events and was one of the most enthusiastic spectators.

Having seen her and knowing we are doing the best to keep her living will directives, I think she will be going to heaven soon. However, as an angel I know she will be watching over me and everyone else.


Thank you for these kind words.