Sunday, May 3, 2009

A PR at the Frederick Marathon in an unsuccesful attempt to beat the rain

With my friend Serge Arbona from Umstead 100. In 2007, Serge (the winner) and I ran a bit of the race together during a small bit of the loop course. I believe he might have been taking a slight break and I was pushing myself because he was good company. He is a really nice person and an extraordinary runner frequently coming in first in ultra's and top 5 in shorter events.

My friend Peter along the course in Frederick. Peter was so kind to get my packet so I could compete (albeit fail miserable in the Great Urban Race yesterday). Peter is a great friend who I have spent many hours on the run with. He was definitely a mentor to me during my first few JFK50 milers. Peter recently joined the Marathon Maniacs and is now living out the philosophy of running marathons in excess:-) and will be going to several events that I will be running as well. He is training up for a 24 hour race in Philly this summer (I think it is the same weekend at VT100)

Running along the course before the rains start. In fact during this segment of the race I was pretty happy because it was just about the right temperature. Unfortunately from about mile 7 on, it was raining (and frequently downpouring). I heard a rumor that at some point there might have been some sleet or hail. I could believe it!

After the finish. You will notice I was wearing my preferred outfit, which I put on once the rain started. I REALLY hate rain and getting wet. I would suggest my upper body was dry until about mile 20, but my legs got wet almost immediately when the rain started. And my feet were damp by mile 15 but squishing by mile 23. The last few miles even I was not even trying to avoid puddles (and I am queen of the puddle avoiders!)

After a tough race I deserve a dozen donuts. Frederick Marathon is conveniently located about 1 mile from a Fractured Prune Donut Shop. And even better, it is on the route I drive home, thus I had to make a pilgrimage for some donuts. I am about halfway through my dozen and am feeling a heart attack coming on:-)

Today I ran the Frederick Marathon for the 3rd time. Last year my time was about 5 hours. But this year I decided I needed to get some speed training and initially there was no rain and I had hoped to go quickly enough to finish before the predicted rain. This did not happen.

My friend Peter W who stayed with us at the Disney Marathon picked up my packet. I was fortunate enough to run into him about 30 minutes before the race start and got my chip and bib. We chatted breifly and I was happy for him because the temperature was not going to be too hot, which I believe is his desired running weather.

While chatting with Peter, I was able to see my friend Serge A. from Umstead 100. Serge is so nice (in fact in 2007 we spent 10-15 minutes pacing each other until his 10 minute miles were too hard for me). We caught up briefly about upcoming events. When I said my next 100 was VT100 for the second time, he mentioned when he ran VT100, he beat the horses. I sadly was passed by the horses about 10-20 miles in but mentioned I did not find it too stressful and liked the horses.

Ultimately I had to cut my conversations short because I had to deal with checking my gear. I spent alot of time debating what to bring and what to leave. It was a bit chilly (61 degree's and not raining) but rain was predicted. By the time I finished it was 56 degree's and raining very hard.

But I did try to run really fast (for me) in attempt to potentially beat the rain. Ultimately finished the race in ~4:15 gun time. As usual I have no idea of my chip time because I was in the ladies room when the runners were told to "GO!". But now the marathon results have been posted and it was 4:09:09!!! A sub-4:10 marathon, WAHOO!

Since I am tired, I will write more about this race later this week. Now I need another victory donut!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

4:09:09 in the rain? Insane, sister! Way to go!

is that a PR? Man, it should be!

You and your donuts! You remind me of Teh 'Dad in his heyday. He was a salesman who had to be on the road (locally) a lot of the week and so he knew how to get everywhere; but when you asked directions of him, his directions always referenced diners - "Yeah, you keep going east on 73 till you hit Olga's diner, then you get on 71 ..."

So if you didn't notice the diners, you got lost. And believe me, the diners were not always the most obvious landmarks at these intersections. They just happened to be what Teh Dad noticed.

"Hey, Dad, you didn't notice that that intersection also has like a European Cathedral-looking church that totally obscures that stupid diner you told us about that you'd need x-ray spex to see?"

Teh 'D.: "It does?"

That's you and your donut shops, sister.

elvoy said...

Wow! A PR in today's marathon, to go with PR's in the 5K, 50 miles, and 100 miles so far this year. Is there anything you won't accomplish this year? Awesome!


Runner Tammy said...


Yes, my 4:09 was a PR for a marathon by 8+ minutes. I really hate rain and had really hoped with super speed and the weather holding for 4 or 5 hours I could avoid the rain.

I love your dad...I know Olga's diner. It is a classic landmark at the traffic circle at had the best desserts. By the way in the old days Diners in NJ were like Starbucks...there was a diner on every corner (or should I say a diner at every traffic circle!).

Oh and the desserts at diners were always the best. Maybe I need to sign up for the Freehold 50 km in NJ so I can revisit my old haunts.


Thanks...perhaps I will be able to PR in my Niagara Ultra 50 km later this year. Although depending on the course and how far off I go for various sightseeing this might not be possible. And the Dahlgren 50 km is only 3 weeks after VT100 so might not be a good time/place for a PR.

See you in a few weeks at the Delaware Marathon!


Mike Bailey said...

Tammy, congrats on your PR! Sounds like a tough day for running with all the rain. I think you'll be breaking 4 hours very soon. I can't wait to see what you do at JFK with that kind of speed. Maybe you should join the 7am starting wave? Keep it up, and don't slow down!

CTmarathoner said...

Tammy --I didn't realize that you ran a PR!!! woo hoo! and in miserable rainy conditions also. Just goes to show what you can do it you feel good and are focused on setting a PR. We had rain all morning in long island -like you, i was happy at first because it was just misting and was good running weather -then steady rain came. and then it just poured all afternoon--think the rain was coming up from your way. My friends Kate and Pam ran the NJ Marathon, and the rain and wind was really bad. Kate ran a PR of 3:52!!! and Pam finished her first marathon (funny when you think of you and i LI was my 104th?? marathon/ultra)but i am also 12 years older than Pam. Did you really eat 6 donuts????? That's a half-marathon worth. nice to have a friend pick up you packet and to see serge.
good job!!!

joyRuN said...

4:09! EXCELLENT job, especially with the rain!!

Though nowhere near as speedy as you, I think my 26.2 would've been even slower if it hadn't been for the overwhelming desire to just get out of the rain already.


Runner Tammy said...

Hi Mike,

Perhaps I can break 4 hours, but I am still going to start at 5 a.m. at JFK because I still HATE trail running. And my average marathon (even this year with several sub 5 hour marathons) is still about 5:15!


It took me 50+ marathons and close to 65 endurance events to get this time. Perhaps one day I can break 4 hours.

I did not eat 6 donuts, but I did eat 4! I am still a novice at competitive eating, but one day perhaps I will be able to eat way more than 6 donuts in a row.


In fact I would say you are way speedier than I. My second marathon was 4:40 and third through 25th were all close to 5:15. It is only recently I have been breaking 5 hours (well except my 7hour my defense you just can't hurry rides and treat eating:-). Also I have no children and in fact my dog is so lazy he barely needs any attention from my husband and I making training alot easier for me...oh yeah and my job is sitting down so I can fully embrace the taper. You are a nurse, which is SO GREAT!!! Thus you should subtract an hour from your time just for this.