Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At Slovenia


I am in Slovenia. I do not exactly have access to internet, but was able to get on for a few minutes. I am having a great time and plan to run around the city this evening. Although my plans may be foiled by a visit by the Queen (Elizabeth of England).

The weather has been delightful here and the people are very friendly. They do seem to be able to figure out I speak English without me saying a word...perhaps it is my clothing or facial features. This is not helping in my goal to speak and learn Slovene. I have 'Dober Dan', 'Pro Seem' and 'Havla' (Good day, please and thank you) down.

I will post pictures after I get back. Today I will plan to run up to the Castle and along the river. After I will have my nightly treat of Gelato (the desserts here are amazing).

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