Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Slovenia with the same hotel as the Queen of England

The last three days I have been staying in the same hotel as Queen Elizabeth (of England). I have not seen her, but have been very close several times. One day because I went jogging, I missed her by about 5 minutes. But jogging is more important, right?

Also, I have stepped on the red carpet (although the first day I would hop over it because I was unsure of protocol). One of the british attendees at the conference observed this and told me I could step on it, which made walking around the hotel a bit easier:-)

At the end of the day I have gone jogging. There is a castle on the hill right by my hotel. I try to jog it several times. It is tough but may prepare me for any upcoming hills in marathons.

I will post pictures of my adventures when I get back to America later this week.

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