Monday, October 13, 2008

Final summary of Baltimore

A swing chair is always a classic break spot for a marathon. I was shocked there was not a line 10 or 15 runners long. Guess it is their loss!
Here I am giving "Cake Love" some free was a good cupcake but not as good at Gingerbread Construction Company Cupcakes at the 24 hour race in Wakefield MA...I may have to run the 24 hour race even if it is only 1 week after VT100 for the cupcakes alone!
Oh...I should not have eaten that whole cupcake! New promise to self, no cupcakes at mile 14. Although I bet I succumb to the lure of the cupcake, donut, ice my next event that passes by a store that sells these products.
Enjoying Lake Montelbaln. It is a cute lake about mile 18 and like all lakes should be is flat the entire circumference. Sadly the Adirondack Marathon and New Hampshire Marathon violate this physics principal!

Now this is what a finishers medal should look like. Okay maybe not for a marathon, but definitely a 100 miler or 24 hour race! This is taken at my post-race trip to the Art Museum gift shop as I was instructed.
The Baltimore Marathon posted results today; however my name was not listed. This is very disappointing considering I talked to an official about my chip-stick issues. I hope they will post the results. I am sure I am not the only person with this issue as when I tried to get my splits printed there were several others whose times were not posted. I would give the chip stick a "C". It was not that environmentally friendly (it is a plastic disposable sticky item)that clearly has some electronic components). And timing chips can be re-used numerous times.
For those of us who retie our shoes numerous times (this mornings 7 mile run I re-tied both shoes 3 times and had Tristan not hassled me I would have gone for one more time but he wanted us to put some pep in our step)
I really enjoyed my long weekend and today was able to relax a bit. After a morning walk with my mom, Tristan, and Gilligan (after "Fractured Prune" donuts for breakfast); Tristan and I went for a slow jog. Afterwards, Tristan headed to Philadelphia for a concert (Hotel Lights--the former drummer from Ben Folds Five). I walked to Micheals to get some sparkely fabric paint so I could repaint some hydration packs. I have two fanny packs (one silver, one blue) and a backpack (purple). They need to be re-sparklerized about every 10-15 events depending on what happens during the events. My camera, fanny packs and I all hate rain for various reasons; the camera because it makes for poor quality pictures, my sparkely hydration packs because fabric paint loses its luster after getting wet and I just really hate getting wet because I think I might be part cat (well at least I associate with alot of cats so maybe their traits rub off on me!)
It was a beautiful long weekend, sunny and warm every day. It may be our last bit of warmth here. When I leave for Slovenia later this week, Slovenia is supposed to have a high of about 70 degree's and DC is supposed to have a high of 55. Brr...!

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