Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day of Rest: At the Office

Yummy chocolate cake to celebrate Tristan's Birthday,

Tristan trying to contain the inferno (although for those of you counting, you can observe I am off by 16 candles...there are 24 candles on this cake, but considering Tristan is 39, the appropriate number was 40!)
A close up look of the flames (at least the fire deparment/insurance company would be able to determine the cause of the fire)

Tristan blowing out his candles (isn't it shocking such an old guy has such strong lungs isn't it??)

Note to self: must be cautious about age jokes since it is less than 6 days to my birthday and I want good presents from him!

Okay, the birthday theme is broken here, but is it not cute what puffie does to Gilligan?? She really wants to become one with Gilligan. I think Gilligan accepts Puffie's love, but is not overly thrilled about her undying affection. This actually was when Gilligan had his hurt paw so he kind of was like a captive audience for her. But how can you resist her cute face?

I never thought work could be so relaxing, but after 4 straight days trying to get/keep Billy tired I am quietly sitting in my office enjoying some peace. I feel a bit bad for Gilligan and our cats who are now forced into single-handedly entertaining Billy during the day, but all I can say is better them, then me!

This morning I slept in a bit until 6:30..wahoo! (yesterdays rock scrambling and falling just wore me out), then after a double dog walk (one person, two dogs), I headed off to work to rest a little. Tommorrow I flex at home, so I imagine I will get roughed up, trampled and in a variety of ways dis-respected. In fact I think the injured reserve list caused by Billy now includes Gilligan (his paw/shoulder/hip issue may have been caused by Billy stepping on him), Powder (who kind of loiters under everyones feet seeking/demanding attention) and both Tristan and I (who have been knee-clipped by Billy). I think Sagwa was effectively stayed out of the fray (it pays to be timid) and Boo somehow has avoided Billy stomping (oddly enough Boo holds his ground and meows pitifully when you get close to him).

And our family has not "gelled" into a cohesive unit that forms and alliance and votes Billy out of the house. In fact there is even infighting (I have seen Boo swat at Gilligan who was stepping out of Billy's way). We clearly have not outwitted, outsmarted or outlasted Billy. But Billy has no idea our final battle strategy. His family is coming back Thursday. But Thursday looks to have some decent weather, so we have decided to return to Old Rag/White Oak Canyon. This time we will seriously hike Billy into the ground. Poor Gilligan is now going to be an innocent bystander unless he can perfect a "fake limp".

On a positive note, we have only 3 more days until we drop dead from exhaustion (or else jettison Billy).

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