Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A household in disarray

Okay, today's blog is coming together nicely

Hmm, no, it's not perfect yet. I'll just add this extra space (or 100 extra spaces since the space bar is my favorite key!)

Here you can see Boo who is oblivious to the blog debacle. But in his defense he is plotting something against Tristan. I assume it involves claws, teeth and an escape word (but unfortunately Tristan will not know what this word is! I can tell you based on historical experience it is not likely to be "Ow", "Stop" or "That hurts")

I think Tristan and I may be close to exhausting Billy. This afternoon I took Billy for a second jog (the "small Kentlands Loop", a 4 mile loop near our house) and from about 1 mile in, he was trailing me the rest of the way. Then at the dog park he barely chased any dogs and when he was jumped on and humped by another dog he just rolled over and submitted. I think a few days ago he would have had the speed and endurance to keep this dog at bay.

Today I also considered some of the challenges Tristan and I have faced with Billy. One is keeping the water bowl filled. Because Gilligan is so sedate we just need to refill the water bowl once a day. But with Billy a) he drinks alot and b) he is a sloppy drinker getting water all over everything except in his mouth. Well today I considered filling up our tub and calling it a water bowl. But then I realized if I ever decided to take a bath it would be highly likely I got company or a canine audience (already our cats sort of walk into the shower when we're taking one--but then they walk out in disgust...or maybe they walk out when they get sprayed by some mist).

Finally, as I was writing this blog, Powder objected strenously. I think she did not want it publicly known that our felines dominate over us and can and do open our bathroom door. There is no "safe room" in our house. This actually brings up an important point about out cats. We have 3 cats. Two out of the three cats we live in fear of. With great regularity Boo walks onto Tristan's pillow and steals it at night. Clearly Boo thinks it is his pillow. But in the evening Tristan takes him off and places him at the foot of the bed. Then at about 4 in morning Boo gets up wanders to the pillow and starts kneading Tristan's head. Boo has claws. He uses them. Tristan shrieks (like a girl I might add), which then wakes me up. I think Boo does not mean to wake me up, but he does have it in for Tristan.

But I have to worry about a cat who has a personal vendetta against me: Puffle. I thought getting Puffie fixed might have settled her down, but in fact the last several nights, My and Puffie's snuggle session goes horrible wrong. Initially we face each other and she lies next to me under the covers. I pet her head and she purrs. Then at some point she climbs over me and starts attacking my back. Seriously with Puffie I have to watch my back. In addition to our snuggle sessions that go wrong, she has attacked me at about 3 in the morning (because attacks never happen at a convenient time!). She climbs under the covers then starts biting my shoulders, back and even buttocks. She is a cat with a taste for homo sapien. Two nights ago she even started attacking my calf (which is quite painful). Our only hope is Gilligan and Sagwa. They treat us well and appreciate our good pet parenting.

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