Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Howl-o-days!

Santa Paws

Santa Claws
Mrs. Claws (well except she is Boo's half sister, oops!)

Powder (don't ask, don't tell, okay!)

Billy peering downstairs past Gilligan.

Happy Holidays!

Here are some pictures from today of our various pets (and one guest pet).

Gilligan looks happy about being Santa Paws, while Zaboo and Sagwa look less excited about being Santa Claws and Mrs Claws. Powder just got fixed (or is it broke?)/spayed on Monday so she is definitely not in the Christmas spirit (although her pain meds might be like a good strong Eggnog which of course makes the season brighter!)
Well, it's off to my sister's for dinner and Church.
Have a great day!

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