Thursday, December 11, 2008

Start of Las Vegas Marathon Pictures

At the "Fabulous Las Vegas" sign

Being interviewed by the local CBS Chanel from Las Vegas (they asked about my picture taking in the marathon...I even mentioned my 700+ pictures from the Death Valley Marathon!

With Tristan at the beginning of the marathon. He was in front of our Hotel and aparently did not realize I would REALLY late and almost stopped cheering for runners.
In front of the Excalibur (the hotel we were staying at). I think it would have been easier if I took a right here instead of continuing on the course another ~26 miles!

At the start of the Marathon. Notice my Hefty Couttoure outfit (it was a bit chilly). In fact because rain was potentially predicted I carried it the entire race and now can be "green" and reuse it in a future event (I'm thinking Disney Goofy is it's next exposure).

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