Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Success at Death Valley and Las Vegas Marathons

This evening Tristan and I arrived back from my first Double Marathon.  Both courses were beautiful and interesting in their own way.  And I got to see many old friends and make new friends along the way.  But this double was TOUGH.  I can't figure out if it was my 50 miler 2 weeks prior, the 2 days of hard core hiking (including 2.5 hours hiking/stumbling up and sliding down the "Sand Dunes" as was recommended by my friend Jamie) or that I am just a sissy.

I will write more tommorrow and include some pictures.  I took 800 during Death Valley and 400 during Las Vegas (and went through two camera batteries in each event...thank goodness for digital camera's).  

I also learned what happens in CA does not stay in California and what happens in Las Vegas does not necessarily stay in Vegas (let's say I would not recommend drying one's unmentionables in a rental cars window's in the presence of my "friends" with camera's and other "friends" I have and graciously share our room with think it's okay to startle freshly showered people clad in only a towel looking for unmentionables to put on...maybe I need new friends or maybe I need friends who do not carry camera's around:-) 


CTmarathoner said...

congratulations Tammy --looking forward to seeing some of those 1,000s of photos and to hearing about your trip...

Jamie Donaldson said...

I can't wait to see your photos! Did you love the pool??? Congrats!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

I'm working on posting my pictures...I had so much fun at both Las Vegas and Death Valley. I think Tristan and I will return next year!

Hi Jamie,

The pool at Furnace Creek was AWESOME! The warm spring made it comfortable to swim in during the day (after the race it was great!) and at night. Although the night we went swimming there, we almost froze to death on the way back to the room (guess temperatures in the 40's will do that). Perhaps in retrospect we should have brought fresh dry cloths to the pool that night!