Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lunch Hour Interrupted

How I wish I spent my lunch hour (I wish I was Boo, the lighter cat, because Sagwa is a REALLY great snuggler...she purrs, is soft and really smushes up against you)

Powder and her boyfriend, Gilligan enjoying each others company
Powder sleeping on the bed

Boo and Sagwa appreciating the freshly cleaned bed covers (recall there was an "oops" incident Christmas, the culprit has not been identified but it is likely to be one of the critters pictured on this blog post, well unless it was Tristan...I guess he is getting old)

Billy after our jog, resting a bit. I don't think our pitiful 7 mile jog will keep him tired long. Perhaps Tristan will "take one for the team" and will go on a long jog with Billy this afternoon. Although perhaps Tristan will flex tommorrow which will enable him to exercise Billy during the day and of course we have his last day treat another full day hike at Old Rag/White Oak Canyon! Billy should not mess with the Massie's because in the end we have endurance on our side (I hope--it would be bad if this trash talk backfires on us and Tristan's mountaineering and my ultra-running did not properly train us to win this competition:-)

Today I am flexing from home. This means I get to dress how I want, stay at home and of course don't have to deal with the horrible traffic in the DC suburbs to get to work. I love flexing. Well until today. Apparently Billy has recovered (if he ever was tired) from our 4 days of activities starting Christmas Day.
By mid-morning I was being micro-managed by Billy acting like he needed me to do something urgent (by standing right in front of me) but not really being clear what it was. He peed & pooped early in the morning and had food & water available so all I can guess is that he is an agent for a sponsor wanting me to review a product more quickly.

At my lunch hour I decided a long run was in order. Since it is a beautiful day (50's and bright sunny skies) we headed out for a 1.5 hour jog (well I am not a fast runner, thus my intended 7 mile loop takes this long!) Our jog was uneventful and Billy is now sleeping. I wish I could, but alas I have too many tasks.

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