Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gilligan's newest look and off to San Diego for a conference

This is Gilligan's newest will notice he is currently starting to cross-dress. Apparently he and I are identical in many ways. We both are 120 lbs (just kidding only one of us is 120, but the other's license says 120 because back in the day this regulation bra wearer was 120 lbs...) He apparently wears a 36 C bra (well at least his one scar which is filled with liquid is "C" cup sized). And we both enjoy ice cream and donuts.
At Brusters today enjoying a waffle cone and a doggie ice cream. This is a SINGLE dip ice cream. The double and triple are HUGE and ENORMOUS, respectively. I was going to go for a double, but considering it was a bit hot, it would have melted all over me. You can notice right under his pseudo collar (just a slip knot thing using his leash) is his man-bra.

This is Tristan and Gilligan at Bruster's on Thursday night (for half price banana fact you can notice one banana on the counter). This was the evening Gilligan was sportin his McGyvered bandana neckware. He liked his patriotism but ultimately this set up did not prevent him from scratching at one of his more critical scars.

Here you can see our cats having a tribal council to determine who gets voted out of the bed. The last few nights we have had all 3 cats, Gilligan, Tristan and I in our Queen size bed. I think we might need to upgrade to a King sized bed because at least one person complains they lack space with this arrangement.
Even worse, Gilligan has been going up on to the bed earlier and earlier in the evening to get some prime real estate. Last night his self imposed bed time was about 8 p.m. He pretty much had the entire bed by lying at an angle with his paws straight out.

Gilligan continues to chew and scratch his various surgical wounds a bit. We continue to put his boxers on every few hours but his neckerchief/bandana was not exactly working. But today I stumbled on a product that might be working but if it's not, at least its causing quite a stir in Gaithersburg. In fact we had a road trip to Brusters for ice cream to see if anyone commented. But alas they laughed and pointed but did not comment.

He is now wearing a bra that had a strap malfunction. It was about to be tossed in the trash when I realized it might actually cover one of his wounds. It does...and it makes a statement that Gilligan is comfortable with his masculanity.

Sadly I wear pretty boring undergarments so it is simply a generic faux satin padded white bra. I really should invest in alot more exciting undergarments considering at regular intervals Tristan takes photo's that showcase my unmentionables but alas I am either too lazy or too cheap to do this.
Tommorrow I leave for San Diego for a conference. I will be there about 1 week. When I come home next Saturday I arrive at about 5:30 a.m. at Dulles. My husband leaves for Washington State at 6:30 a.m. from BWI. This means I will not seem him for nearly 20 days (until July 8th, which for those of you in the DC area may recall is Carmen's Italien Ice half price Gelato Day!!!). I can't figure out if I am more excited about the Gelato or seeing my husband on this day (Just kidding of course it's Gelato) seriously it is the husband, "Dr. M":-)

On a positive note for the next 20 days I should not lose items or have items mysteriously disappear or find the remnants of broken items that had been mine and in pristine shape last time I saw them.
And of course this 10 day trip of Tristan's (including 5 days on Mount Rainier doing crazy stuff like crevase rescue) will give me time to bedazzle all the items that I own before Tristan comes back!


Just_because_today said...

Thanks for a good laugh. Loved the garments that Gilligan crossdresses in. Loved the remark about the gelato!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

How do you know so much about ice cream?

At least you didn't wear those Smurf shorts and embarrass Gilligan this time, sister. Last post, he was pert near slappin' his head with his paw! That was one dog who was embarrassed for his master!