Friday, June 5, 2009

A Tribute to my mom--and a funny story from yesterday

With my mom after Disney Marathon in 2007 (how do I know??? My race t-shirt pretty much is the only clue)

My mom and I loved Disney World (both working and visiting) and spent many hours together at the various parks. In fact the year I graduated from University of Central Florida, my mom came down to help me move, but before moving, we spent 10 days in 10 different hotels at the Park (including Grand Floridian which my sister was even able to join us!)

Tristan and my mom at Brooksville Gardens, a Montgomery county park that has a beautifully landscaped property, greenhouse and many flowers. We have gone here frequently because in addition to the botanical gardens, there is a nature center, lots of paths, a dog park and many other activities.

Last year (2008), I ran the Gasparilla Marathon in Tampa and my mom and Grandmother (on my Dad's side) came out to cheer me on. They were very enthusiastic cheerleaders and it was so great to see both of them!

A few years ago my mom and I traveled together to attend the Society of Clinical Trials conference in Orlando. While at this conference we were able to slip in a few visits to Disney World!

A hug with my mom at the Tower of Terror. Mom hugs are the best! (But I think she might have been grabbing my buttocks:-) In fact as I recall she might have just pinched my butt hence her smile.

So now for my story. Yesterday Tristan flexed (worked) from home. During the day he reminded me I needed to call Pocohontas State Park (SP) to figure out some logistics for a small/informal memorial service that will include: Tristan, Cindy (her boyfriend), Tristan's Dad and a few others.
It will be very small but just will allow us to honor her memory before her remains are returned to us (she has donated her body to science--since her organs could not be harvested, but we do not get remains for a bit of time).
This will be very small and low key event with a picnic and lots of smore's, marshmallow roasting and reminiscing. In the future a larger event will occur in which we will dedicate tree's and/or bench or table to the park.
Some questions have come up about Saturday and Louise, my mom's friend from Pocohontas SP left a message on our phone asking we call back. Well, Tristan gives me a number to call. I call it.
It is the Virginia Department of Corrections!
Aackk. I must have mis-dialed. So I call again. And again it is a recording from the
Virginia Department of Corrections!!!
Is this my husbands idea of a practical joke?
I am pretty sure my mom did not live at the detention center. But then I start thinking, is this everyone's gentle way of breaking the news to me that my mom lived life on the lamb (hence the RV)? In fact Pocohontas State Park is located right next to a prison, but I never thought too much of it. Clearly I was delusional.
The first time I called I was pretty startled. But the second time I called (which I sure hope doesn't put me on the Corrections Facility Watch list) did amuse me.
My mom was a practical joker, so she would have liked how this episode transpired.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hahahaha! Your mother was Ma Barker?


Bet she'd've loved that story, sister!

Jamie Donaldson said...

Funny story Tammy! Love the pictures too!

Runner Tammy said...


Guess she could have been Ma Barker...or in her case Ma Wood.

Now I just have to hope they have not put me on some list for my potential pranking them twice, yikes!


Thank you. My mom and I had such great times together. I was so fortunate to have her and so lucky that she was always up for an adventure, expedition or just to hang out.

CTmarathoner said...

Tammy --so sorry to hear about your mom passing away. Love, lve all the wonderful photos that you have of her with you at races, and also the funny stories and memories.
Good luck in the Niagara ultra...VT 100 is coming up!!! That race will be a good last long race for you.
Looking forward to seeing you guys in VT!!!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

Thank you. I miss my mom so much, but it is nice to reminisce about all the great times we had together. It sounds like you are very similar to my mom in that you are so actively engaged in your children's life. My mom was my girl scout leader, track coach and as I grew older my "partner in crime" (although who knew that she might have been taking the partner in crime part way too seriously:-)

See you in VT in just over 6 weeks (eek)!