Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How today's run went awry

This picture relatively speaking has nothing to do with my post today (well except it provides proof that I carry a bit of Jim Bean during every event just in case the Hash Harriers fail to provide me some liquid lunch/snacks/refreshments during events)

This picture is from the Death Valley Marathon last Dec. Sadly the only wild animal I saw during that event was my stuffed bighorn sheep (who to this day remains nameless...I can name my car, my husband's car, random items in our house; but I can't name my furry stuffed friend who has now traveled at least 200 miles with me on various races!!!) But I digress, so here is my story:

I have really been slacking in the running department lately. But today I decided to run a 7+ mile loop near my house. Everything was going moderately well until I got to about mile 4. Then I see a big flash of light about 300 meters ahead of me and hear a loud "BOOM"

"Crap", which describes what I simultaneously say out loud and nearly do in my thong (okay really granny panties-but if you read my post you already have seen bits and pieces of my various undergarments so you kind of knew I don't do thongs).

After this flash of light and loud BOOM, my first thoughts are

*Is it an alien landing? (I can think whatever I want first in a panic, so don't judge me(* footnote 1)

*Is it armageddon? (if I could just spell, aarrggh). Although I would like to point out if it is armageddon, knowing how to spell it probably will not make any difference!

*Is it a lightening bolt? (which nearly makes me say and do "Sh*t" again). I am 3+ miles from my house, 1 mile from one family friend, 1 mile from a store I cowered in for about 2 hours several years ago during a lighting storm. At this location in my run I am sort of exposed.

Finally after a few moments I realize that a transformer has blown. After my heart stops racing I continue my jog. Based on previous experience with transformers, I suspect a squirrel has just gone to the big acorn pile in the sky so I say a few words in it's honor then continue my jog.

Footnote (1): Just to be clear, I know in a panic situation I really suck! Basically if some crisis is occurring you probably want my sister and I present. My sister is calm cool and collected. And she will get things done effectively and efficiently, while I will be thinking bizzarre thoughts and making random comments. But just to defend myself a bit, I probably am alot more fun to have around in a crisis. And if you are lucky I would already have some spirits ready to a) celebrate after the crisis was over or b) prep for the worst.

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Why not name the sheep "Awry"? Or, better yet, "A Rye" - because in a crisis, you'd really want A Rye Whiskey, neat.

Or just name him Jim Bahhhhhhh-eam.