Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Modification in Running/Vacation Plans: And Gilligan's upcoming adventures

Gilligan's stylin new look. Notice how even though he is not doing well health wise he is still supporting a good cause: beer drinking and watching the simpsons!

Just kidding, he is really raising awareness of the importance of blood donation.

Of course feel free to admire his really cool outfit (or ensemble for those of you in the know). Sadly he cannot wear his breast cancer awareness collar because of his surgical wound by his neck to complete his look.

I visited my sister this past weekend at her place. She recently got her cats fur cut because he gets really bad mats, but he cops an attitude when you try to brush him (in fact he has bitten my sister, my aunt and I all pretty badly when he has gotten mad)

This is Gilligan with his first bandage. You will notice it was pink with blue polka dots...I think he liked it.
But then again I think he liked his flowered collar a few collars ago (he gets a cool new collar each year and typically they are even girlier than the previous years as per my husband).
Finally, my boy has sexy legs doesn't he? (the hubby not the dog!)

Today Tristan and I decided to not go to Niagara Falls for a small 4 day vacation and my favorite 50 km race that we were to leave for bright and early tommorrow morning. I am just not feeling very happy and considering:
1) Gilligan's bad test results (and his need to go to the doctor Thurs for a bandage change)
2) The fact that I would be away for 12 days because I have a business trip starting Sunday through next Saturday
3) Predicted questionable weather (although rain is kind of irrelevant when you are getting misted on by the second largest waterfall in the world isn't it--and rain for a 50-70 km good training for rain for an entire 100 miler!)
4) I had not packed anything as of last night at 10 p.m. (and most trips I am packed 4 days prior!)

We decided to bag this vacation. This means my race entry and a few our deposits are lost (unless someone needs 2 nights of hotel room in Niagara Falls, CAN tommorrow:-) but hopefully my stress level is reduced a bit and we can figure out what is best for Gilligan and what his needs are.

His first needs are a trip to Brusters!

We are planning to make this (Brusters) a more frequent occurrence. First, we do have a coupon. And second, he deserves nothing but the best. And at the rate he is now growing bumps; keeping his newly clean teeth clean and his diet healthy may be irrelevant. And if not, we will cross that bridge (overweight and with bad teeth) when we get to it:-)

After cancelling the items for our trip that we could (rental car, flight and other hotel), I had to go to my dermatologist.

I now may be 3 for 3 in bad news.

The doctor looked at several of my moles/lesions and suggested most looked benign. But apparently my mole on my face is concerning (it is getting bigger, is not symmetric, has multiple colors--all the warning signs they provide in the literature for malignant skin cancer) so he cut it off and will be sending it to a lab. I will hear the results of the biopsy in 2 weeks. The last mole he biopsied has slightly bad news but not terrible (Basal Cell Cancer). I think he is a bit more concerned about this one but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Tonight we may meet up with a few of Gilligan's friends at Brusters. He is planning to wear his Simpsons Boxers and Red Cross Shirt. For solidarity Tristan and I will be wearing his future boxers (I think Tristan has staked claim to Stewie and I get the Smurfs, wahoo) to make Gilligan feel that all the hip critters are wearing boxers (well this would be a true statement if only Tristan and I were hip)


raulgonemobile said...

Thanks for swinging by..

I hope everything goes OK with the biopsy. Scary stuff, and the waiting sure isn't easy.

I hope things get better!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow, sister, you are getting hammered! After the first couple paragraphs, I was preparing to comment "Poor Gilligan" - which is still worth saying - but now this other thing with you?

These things usually STOP at three, right?

So I'm hoping further news for you AND Gilligan is all good!

Keep us apprised.

Take care, sister!

P.S. My legs are better than Tristan's!


Runner Tammy said...


Your welcome...I am glad to e-meet you. I look forward to reading more about your running adventures (or run/walk adventures if that is what you choose to do:-)


I think Gilligan needs alot more sympathy than I. First he has no idea what is going on (and for the last few days he was so sad and whimpering).

Today he seems a bit better and tommorrow we go to the oncologist (I have my fingers crossed that he gets some good pain meds). I am hoping that for treatment he is simply given a steriod (it's not like he's going to get in the Olympics...well except for the most hours spent in front of the TV, although now with DTV we only get Fox--thank goodness for small victories:-)

Based on some articles and a friend from the Center for Veterinary Medicine this might be a very viable treatment regimen.

I appreciate your kind words. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my mole was (is?) nothing but if it is I think it was caught pretty early (guess those seminars in the Joisey high school health class might still prove useful!).

I guess the one positive is that Tristan and I work at the right place to be aware of cutting edge medical technology. And in fact Tristan (in addition to working on neurological drugs) has also worked on the approval of several oncology products so he can tell me the inside story and what the label really means.