Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Training for and a preview of Vermont 100 mile run

Theresa, Randy, Me and Tristan: With my previous pacer from 2008: Randy, and this years pacer (unbeknownst to me) his wife Theresa and Tristan prior to the VT100 miler last year. I am really looking forward to running with Theresa and know we will have lots of fun during our 20 mile journey together. She will be pacing me from Camp 10 Bear to Bill's. This will be from about 10 p.m. Saturday to 5 a.m. the next day.

Here I am at the top of one of the numerous hills with several other runners. To get to the top of this hill we had to climb pretty hard up this grassy trail. It was a pretty significant slope to get up, luckily our descent on the other side was a bit more gradual. At this point during the race (probably about 3 p.m. or so), I was running with my friend Rob Apple (who is just a super nice person and a great ultra-marathoner). We spent about 45 or so miles on the course together and he really helped me alot and was a wonderful mentor!

Here I am at the beginning of the VT100 last year. I would guess it was about 6-7 a.m. or so. You will notice I ended up wearing my headlamp around my wrist. I ended up with a less bright flashlight with me so found this set up helped in the first few miles of the course. My recollection is the first 10 miles or so have a considerable amount of single track interspersed with rickety jeep road. This year I will have a "real" flashlight and headlamp and will intend to simply drop them at the first aid station/drop bag site.

Towards the end of the race, I acquired Tristan as a pacer. He took this picture of my feeble attempt at running. You will notice that neither of my feet are really off the ground (thus by ultra-running standards Tristan fails at taking a good picture!)

This was at the Taftsville Covered bridge. It was raining pretty hard (rainstorm number one of three that were pretty hard throughout the day on Saturday). But I will admit this rain storm was a refreshing break although it did make for some wet feet. Luckily my Drymax Socks kept my feet from blistering much at all.
Later storms in the day included lightening, thunder, hail, and significant wind, but this storm just had pretty hard rain.

I have been trying to train for VT100 mile pretty unsuccessfully since late April. That is when my mom became ill, passed away then Gilligan was diagnosed with cancer. But I am starting to get back on track with a bit of cramming and lots of eating (well if you consider powering down Bruster's Ice Cream eating:-)
This past weekend I walked on the treadmill on a 15% incline for about 2 hours and spent a bit of time in the Sauna (as well as about 20 or so minutes swimming) and Monday included a 10 mile run that was pretty fast by my standards (9-10 minute miles I would guess).

Fourth of July will be my last high mileage weekend in which I hope to have at least 2 solid days of running including a day trip to Sugarloaf Mountain. I also will start assembling my running stuff in preparation for our 5 day trip to VT as well as creating my drop bags. I have a nice EXCEL spreadsheet that will assist me in this and think I have Tristan in agreement to see me at mile ~55 (Margaritaville). It would be nice to see him earlier in the course but worry that this might create difficulties in ensuring he is at the one place I want to see him.

I have picked Margaritaville because then no matter how long it takes me to arrive, Tristan will be entertained by the aid station and should enjoy the music as he is a closet parrothead.


RunnersThoughts said...

If there is any name an aid station should be named in an Ultra, it should be Margaritaville! It conjurs up the best images of libations!

- RunnersThoughts

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Shouldn't all Parrotheads be closeted?

No, wait. Not "closeted".

Garrotted is what I meant!

Starting with the Ur-Par'H., Jimmy "Lil Miss" Buffet.

Good luck with the training!

Runner Tammy said...

Margaritaville is good times...I remember the mini-mint cupcakes with coconut on top they had, yum!

I did not partake in the margarita's but imagine if I was about to drop I would have:-) What they really needed was some alcohol free frozen drinks. But hopefully this is taken care of by my husband at 7-eleven and a cooler full of ice!


My husband is a closet fan of alot of stuff (and some things he openly embraces like his mountaineering which now includes lots of pictures plastered over our computer screen saver, car bumper and even a few posters within the house).

I just am happy I can moderately bear Jimmy Buffett...Rush and a bunch of other groups he listens to make me physically ill (which might be good training for VT100 as I imagine vomit training might be a good skillset to possess!). And if there was a Rush themed aid station I might actually be motivated to scurry through!

So you want to pace me a few miles?? I have some later miles currently pacerless (mile 88-100). Although considering my pace would be about 15-20 minute miles it might not be up to snuff for your blistering 8-10 minute miles.


John said...

Hi Tammy, I came upon your blog from the comment you posted in Jamie's (Mainerunner) about his DNF in the WS100. I was part of his crew during that race and I thought and your comment was spot on!

And now to read in your blog entry that you are a Parrothead too! Another plus!

Good luck at the VT100!

raulgonemobile said...

Hmm.. I like Jimmy Buffet.. and Rush.
Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that.

Anyway, good luck with the training!

Oh, and I see that's exactly what G ended with.. I'm off my game today.

Carolina John said...

dang that seems tough. you are insane.