Friday, July 3, 2009

Where in the world is my husband?

Tristan and his group hiking down Mt Baker last September

Tristan stuck in a Crevasse waiting for his group to pull him up.

Some of his group on Mt Baker rapelling down an ice wall. Last year Tristan did a 5 day expedition on Mt Baker to learn many mountaineering skills (including: rapelling, self arrest, crevasse rescue, and lots of other skills needed for climbing big peaks). This year Tristan is learning more skills on Mt Rainier and later in the summer (Labor Day) he has another expedition planned (and paid for) on Mt Shuksan in Washington State. He is becoming quite the accomplished mountaineer!

Tristan left for Mt Rainier last Saturday. That morning we had a brief period when we were both in the same time zone but did not get to see each other as I was at Dulles Airport and Tristan was at BWI.
I called Alpine Ascents on Wednesday (the guiding group Tristan went with) and they suggested he is fine (although perhaps they are told to hide the truth for a few days as to not alarm family members). They also suggested the entire group did summit Rainier. Knowing how hard Tristan trained I was confident he would summit. And apparently they had good weather the whole time. I am a little jealous because all of my major expeditions have a 50% chance of being somewhat miserable (based on 2 out of 4 hundred milers). Maybe in just over 2 weeks this statistic can be revised to 40%.
In the meantime Gilligan had a medical issue that led him to be in the vets overnight. One of his wounds is just not healing but essentially the problem is that Gilligan continues to itch and scratch at it re-opening the wound. Recently this wound did become closed but then it filled with fluid. The doctor drained it and I am doing my best to keep Gilligan from fussing at it. This is a full time job because he is quite determined to scratch. Recently I added cold compresses to his medical treatment and this actually seems to be helping.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Poor Gilligan! Too bad dogs can't be reasoned with when it comes to scratching themselves.

Neither can most people, come to think of it.

Neither can I, to be totally honest. And I get itches in some very embarrassing places. In public.

Runner Tammy said...

Ha you embrace your inner Gilligan and have at it? Please tell me you do not lick yourself to relieve these itches, cause a certain percent of the time tongue beats paw in itching-ability.