Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eating my way through Denver--The ACRP including Gala with Pictures

A surprise snowstorm at Denver the day of our presentation and the Gala...sadly when we weather.com'd the 10 day forecast when packing before we left for Denver, it was suggested the warmer days would be a high in the mid-70's and the cooler days would be in the low/mid-50's.
On this day, the start of the day was 28 degree's and the high was 45 degree's with snow that turned to rain in the afternoon. I was underpacked for business clothing but luckily I had lots of running layers and hiking clothing for colder weather in case we headed into the mountains for a day.

Here I am in front of the dessert trays...notice the variety of desserts displayed. Every 15-20 minutes they would change out the types of desserts displayed. I felt it was my job to quality control all the desserts.

Is there anything better than double-fisting desserts??? I say NO...an emphatic NO!!!

Tristan looking disappointed after my visit to the dessert bar. In fact he mentioned I may have growled at him and bared my teeth when he tried to snag the last tasty treat...but one should never get between me and my desserts!

Yesterday I gave my presentation at ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals). I think my presentation was fairly well recieved by the 120 or so attendee's in the session based on the fact that:
1) No one boo'ed me off the stage
2) No one threw food (and at the conference we were provided food and hot beverages so people had ammo)
3) A few people actually said nice things:-)

Tristan, my husband also presented and I think he enjoyed it. The audience was really nice and supportive/encouraging which I think is a bit different then statisticians. Sometimes stats folks are a bit beligerant!

After our morning session we went to a few session (we divided and conquered) and in fact did not see each other until the late afternoon/evening.

In the evening there was a gala. It was GREAT. There were all sorts of buffet tables with healthy and not so healthy food. Since I have attended this conference and gala before I gave Tristan my eating strategy...go around for an initial pass. Take one of everything, then have a dessert break, then return to food you really enjoyed for a second pass, then another round of desserts and continue this pattern until all the food is removed or until there is a reversal of fortune.

After this year's gala I can proudly say I am not allergic to salad with goat cheese, pecan's, lettuce, craisins, vinagret or blue cheese dressing. Also on this list is chili con queso corn chowder, a bunch of cheeses, corn muffins and about 40 varieties of desserts.

I was disappointed there was not a chocolate fountain but consoled myself with about 10 chocolate covered strawberries (white and dark), a bunch of chocolate truffles, some yummy mystery deserts, and many varieties of tiramisu and cheesecake. I now may have used up all my Umstead 100 calories but I still have my Cherry Creek Sneak 5 miler calories and of course about 7 marathons between now and the VT100 in July:-).

Tommorrow, Tristan and I head home. We will be happy to see our pets, but this trip has been so much fun!


Just_because_today said...

mmmm I am presenting a briefing on Sunday and if I can get a can of soda, I should consider myself lucky...
7 marathons from now til July?????

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hahahahaha! You know, I've never had a racing plan, but I too, sister, have had eating plans when confronted with a cornucopia of of food.

ACRP ...

O, sister, please tell me this is pronounced "Ay-Crap" because that would be so cool if it was!

"I am a proud member of Ay-Crap and the 'Who-Gives' charitable giving people want me to join their group too but I don't like the sound of 'Who-Gives, Ay-Crap' after my name."

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, and to answer your question, here are pix of Teh Schmatterhorn and its foothill.

I don't even try to run up Teh Schmatterhorn anymore because I think it may've caused my tendinitis.

Runner Tammy said...

In most organizations I belong to (and work activities) I am lucky if I get some tepid tap water...but a few conferences I attend they really treat you VERY well. I love this conference, DIA (which is coming in June at San Diego) and RAPS (in Philly in Sept).

The workshop I am organizing in Sept (the FDA/Industry statistics workshop) we are not very generous with the food or beverages. The same is true for the stats conference in which tepid tap water is both the food and the beverage:-)


You should appreciate one of my professional organizations original names: American Statistical Society. But way back when they realized what the acronym spelled out they revised it to American Statistical Association. It's too bad because then we could openly acknowledge we (or they) may be @ss'es.