Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's at Downtown Rockville!

Today is free scoop day at Ben & Jerry's. This is the most important day of the year. It's like Christmas, St Patricks, New Year's, Umstead 100, Vermont 100 and Easter all wrapped up and scooped into one day! (well except for election day last year when we scored a free scoop of ice cream, a Krispy Kreme Donut, and Starbucks Coffee)

Of course Tristan and I partook in free scoop day.

Here, I am waiting on line. The line was not too bad. I assume somewhat is because we arrived at 5 p.m. and because the weather was a little iffy.

Here I am imitating the Ben & Jerry's cow licking its lips (or sticking it's tongue up it's nose!). Tristan's comment while taking this picture was "You look like a cow!" I am not sure this is an appropriate phrase to udder to one's wife (particularly if you want to live through the day).

With our freebie cone. Life is good. In less than one month I will be at the Mothership in Stowe, Vermont during the Vermont City Marathon in May. I stupidly have not been training for eating a Vermonster (29 scoops of frozen yogurt, 5 cups of liquid toppings, 4 cups of dry toppings, and 1 cannister of whipped cream). Well, I still have time to train for my trip to VT in July for the VT100 miler!

In Rockville Town Center near the Ben & Jerry's there is also a Fractured Prune, a really good donut shop. They make hot donuts and you get to choose the toppings. Ice Cream and Donuts in the same block...clearly I've died and gone to heaven!

For dinner, Tristan and I had California Tortilla, which is a cute restaurant. They have many sauces to spice up tortilla's and burrito's. These sauce titles are classic!


Dan said...

Re statistical analysis of text message letter counts: See! Current FDA employment notwithstanding, aren't you glad that all those college stat courses finally came in handy for something important? :)

And BTW, "hitting the phone against the counter and cursing" is exactly what I do when a text message comes in. So that's at least two of us. And two points define a line. And where there's a line there's a trend. And so far we're at r²=1. Too cool!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Tristan's comment while taking this picture was "You look like a cow!" ...

You should have punched him in his teat!

@Footnote-friendly ex-Lurker Dan - Guh? Lighten up, dude - it's a post about junkfood!

Or is it junkfood²?

Runner Tammy said...


Not sure my stats classes are really helpful except to get me mocked and ostracized! On a positive note at least I am in the same "Pariah" boat as my husband. I chose wisely when selecting a spouse (although to minimize our negative effect on the gene pool in grad school we are encouraged to marry other statisticians)


I think a meat punch would have made so much more sense to my husbands cow comment...in fact last night I would mumble "Meat Punch" now and again to scare the heebeejeebee's out of Tristan for his bovine comment.

And I was hopped up on sugar when I mumbled these things. Thus I assume had extra strength which really kicked up the fear factor! Tristan looks pretty tired today....