Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Umstead 100 More Pictures from 2009 (vol 1)

This is after the race...notice where Gilligan's paw is. He is 120 lbs!!! This is no fun without mangled feet, but after 100 miles I seriously thought about giving him to some any of the numerous volunteers or runners who had petted and spoiled him throughout race weekend.

Tristan and Gilligan early in the race, popping out of the woods to greet me. They were pretty funny in that they would suddenly appear at random places throughout the race. Notice Tristan has a huge backpack (that is ~50 lbs) because he is training for a Mountaineering expedition up Mt Shasta (May), Mt Rainier-Alpine Ascents (July) and Mt Shuksan-Mountain Madness (Sept). It is too bad he did not decide to train by carrying 120 lb weights because then he could have carried me a lap!

With my friend Hugo during my shoe change at mile 62. I met Hugo via Emmy before the race (he chauffered Emmy all over town including the Art Museum the day before the race).

With my friend Angela at the end of Lap 1/beginning of Lap 2. Angela and I have run numerous races together this year as well as previous years including: Rocky Raccoon, the Lower Potomac Marathon, New Hampshire Marthon and many other marathons.

My friend Jim (via my blog) and Frankie (via Rocky Raccoon 50 miler). They are both such nice folks and it was a pleasure to run a bit of the race with both of them! Jim finished the 50 in about 12 hours and Frankie must have finished the 100 in about 27 hours! Congrats to both.


Lisa B said...

Nice job at Umstead! And also nice pic from RR in UR magazine. :)

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks! I really enjoyed Umstead and felt really strong and happy throughout the entire race.

I will anxiously await my UR magazine...I guess because I am on the East Coast (or our mail delivery service relies on the actual pony express), my UR magazine seems to take several extra days to get to my mailbox.

Take care,