Friday, April 24, 2009

In Denver for a Business Trip

Tristan and I are at Colorado for a business trip to attend and present at the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. Both Tristan and I are speaking at a session, which I am excited about but Tristan is dreading (since he is very shy and hates public speaking). Of course we plan to insert a bit of pleasure during our 5 days here in CO including some side trips to Boulder, Littleton and even a bit of exploring Denver.

We already hiked a bit of the Flatirons in Boulder and visited our favorite Bagel place: Broadway Moe's. I did a recon of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory but I ended up disappointing myself by not getting a chocolate/caramel covered apple because I was full. I am very ashamed of this. I need to toughen up and dig deep while here since I don't get these yummy treats at home.

Since there are 3 local races in the Denver area on Sunday, I may run a race. However this is contingent upon decent weather (which currently looks a bit questionable). The races available include a 5 miler, 10 km and 5 km. These are quite short for my tastes but I could always run to the race start to add some mileage:-)

Since I am using a public library computer this post is brief. Unfortunately our hotel does not have reasonable priced internet (read this as "Free"), I may not post again until I arrive home next week.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I have a few years on you, sister, and one thing I've learned in that time is that that first feeling of fullness is a false one that you just need to eat past - i.e., just keep on eating; your stomach will make room, especially for desserts and other sweet treats.

Good on you for using the public library's PCs. Hope you wiped down the keyboard and mouse first because - guaranteed - the guy using it before you was using the PC to surf porn ... one-handed, if you get my drift.

And those guys switch hands like constantly.

Runner Tammy said...

But if I dig deep and eat past the fullness and suddently have a "reversal of fortune" I don't have access to a puke bucket...

Next time I pack for a trip I will have to add "Puke Bucket" to my list to prevent this potential issue from recurring!

And my next trip is to VT for a vacation/marathon and 100 miler recon mission. Of course a trip to Ben & Jerry's for a Vermonster is on my life list of things to do (which definitely needs access to a puke bucket!)

Jamie Donaldson said...

Common Tammy, you are an ultra runner. That means you have the same muscles to be an ultra eater. Just visualize yourself eating that apple and it will be a reality! Can't wait for our hike tomorrow!

Just_because_today said...

dont you hate having to pay at a hotel for internet! aghhh!!!
I love those business trips but that you can twick a little and make them into something fun. Enjoy!

Runner Tammy said...

You would be proud Glaven & Jamie, after about an hour I was able to muster the strength to down a caramel/chocolate apple. It was so goood!!!

Maybe by the end of my trip I will be able to use my entire "per diem" (allowance for meals and incidentals) on Caramel Apples. If I recall correctly this will get me about 6 specialty apples with many toppings or 8-9 regular one toppings apples. I believe this is how the gov't wants me to spend my per diem, right??

Anyway I still haven't used up my 10,000 calories I burned through during Umstead 100...I think I am about halfway through in my junkfood binging (and I have to get back on the healthy food wagon in about 2 weeks when I resume my marathon of the week:-).

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Myriam,

I do love "pleasurable" business June I get to go to San Diego. Although sadly my June business trip will immediately follow a personal vacation to Canada for 5 days of sightseeing and a 50 km race. I then have about a 6 hour layover in MD before I depart for CA. Oh well, hopefully my ultra-marathoning will help me in powering through this trip:-)